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Germination 18 Volume 2

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Ten Years Infection Vol. 1

Ten Years Infection Vol. 2

The Don Campau Project, Vol. 1

The Don Campau Project, Vol. 2

The GEMAfreie-welten Project


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The Tapegerm Collective
Germination 28 Volume 2

Photo by Nishanth Jois
Design by bf baker

Zebra Mann
HE4ME1 08:01/192k
Some days, you just want to pop someone's cranium like a champagne cork. Dark music for dark thoughts. The title is an acronym for an act of vengeance that even the gods would find unspeakable. Listen to it loud, but preferably not through ear goggles. Credits: Blind Mime Open Loops, CYSTEM Open Loops, Dave Fuglewicz Open Loops and one of my own loops.. Genre: Hold A Grudge. Created: 11 Mar 2011 02:56 PM.

Zebra Mann
Mythos of One (My Life Will Not End mix) 06:59/192k
An eerie flight through the inner space of the outer sphere of the under where over and near a version of a place that closely resembles galactic space, in an offhand sort of way. Try reading that sentence backwards if reading it forwards doesn't make any sense. This one is ear goggle mandatory, played as loud as you can stand it. Some sounds are beyond the limit of human hearing, so I cannot be held responsible if you let your dog listen to it. Credits: Dave Fuglewicz Open Loops, Blind Mime Infection Loops, Jeremy Gluck My_Life_Will_Not_End voice loop.. Genre: Dark Ambient. Created: 12 Mar 2011 11:25 PM.

Decaying Machine
DataWhore - The Nature Of My Dream 06:02/190k
New Old Song, Remix 2011 Credits: DataWhore. Genre: Breakbeat. Created: 13 Mar 2011 05:22 AM.

Jeremy Gluck
When I Die (Matt Ellis 10k Mix) 02:38/192k
Credits: Jeremy Gluck - Omnitechnomatrix - michael dent - Matt Ellis. Genre: Renaissance. Created: 15 Mar 2011 06:38 AM.

Jeremy Gluck
When I Die (Matt Ellis Irritating Mix) 02:01/192k
Credits: Jeremy Gluck - Omnitechnomatrix - michael dent - Matt Ellis. Genre: Tekno Hive Tweedle Triller. Created: 15 Mar 2011 06:47 AM.

Slave Labour
Going In Corners 02:10/192k
Credits: Jeremy Gluck - c8_going_in_corners. Genre: A Fine How Do U Do. Created: 15 Mar 2011 10:28 AM.

David Fuglewicz
Letters From Penelope 06:14/96k
I had a dream in which I was guided to an old Victorian house, then to a room like a office. In this room there was a safe, I opened this safe and there was a packet of letters, wrapped in a ribbon from Penelope. I knew the spirit of Penelope wanted me to have these letters because they were important, filled with wisdom and so on. Then I woke up. Full credits: Mental Anguish Dec 2006 Open Loops, Hebephrenic Jan 2010 Open Loops, Zebra Mann Sept 2010 Open Loops,Blind Mime Jan 2011 Open Loops and I played Crystal VST synth. Credits: Mental Anguish Open Loops, Hebephrenic Open Loops, Zebra Mann Open Loops & Blind Mime Open Loops. Genre: Interdimensional. Created: 18 Mar 2011 08:50 PM.

Finale 16384 03:53/192k
Credits: Loops By Cystem Looppack 015 - Blind Mime Looppack 015 And Omnitechnomatrix - : Mix By Omnitechnomatrix. Genre: Electrocore. Created: 19 Mar 2011 12:33 AM.

Mental Anguish
In The End There's Nothing More 12:00/192k
Credits: Cystem Open loops, Other stuffing Mental Anguish. . Genre: Abstract Ambient. Created: 19 Mar 2011 11:12 PM.

Jeremy Gluck
Roll For You (Matt Ellis Slower Mix) 02:50/192k
Matt Ellis takes a considered stab at another TG remix fave from "Div Joyvision", the ever-popular "Roll For You". Credits: Jeremy Gluck - Heuristics Inc. - michael dent - Matt Ellis. Genre: A Fine How Do U Do. Created: 21 Mar 2011 01:52 PM.

Arthur Loves Plastic
I Feel Fine 03:40/192k
Credits: Loops: Omnitechnomatrix, Mix: Arthur Loves Plastic. Genre: Abstract. Created: 21 Mar 2011 07:52 PM.

Moonageddon 04:43/160k
Companion piece to 'Supermoon'.Just a hint of Richard Pinhas / Heldon in here maybe! Credits: SoLaRiS- 10 Years Infection Project. Genre: Space Exploration. Created: 25 Mar 2011 05:23 AM.

Decaying Machine
Decaying Machine & Pablo's Pub - Together 05:44/189k
Me and Pablo's Pub jamming together years ago. Lyrics and Song: Pablo's Pub, Music: Decaying Machine. Bad recording.. but lot's of fun and beer! Sounds from the past, never dies..or friendship. Credits: Pablo's Pub. Genre: Electronica. Created: 26 Mar 2011 10:08 PM.

White 04:39/192k
Credits: Loops By Zebra Mann And Omnitechnomatrix - : Mix By Omnitechnomatrix. Genre: Electronica. Created: 06 Apr 2011 09:04 PM.

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