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The Tapegerm Collective
Germination Number 26 Volume 2

Photo by p22earl
Design by bf baker

The Katakombz (08:32/192)
Credits: Loops By Omnitechnomatrix Private Loop Collection - : Mix By Omnitechnomatrix. Genre: Progressive Electronica.

C. Goff III
Lick My Beefheart Off, Rhino (03:18/192)
Don Van Vliet RIP 1941-2010. I quote a couple of my favorite lines from my favorite Captain Beefheart composition: "The Buggy Boogie Woogie," from the album: "Lick My Decals Off, Baby." Attempting to be true to the Captain's ideal of not contributing to the sameness of everything, this dirge detours away from the familiar while retaining certain homage elements. Buzzsaw's Rhinoceros completes the riddle with unparalleled poignancy. Credits: Open Loops by Hal McGee, Dave Fuglewicz, and Buzzsaw. C. Goff III: Korg DS-8 Synthesizer, Korg R3 Vocoder Synthesizer, Midisoft Midi Composing Tool, Voice. Genre: Family.

Slave Labour
TDP The Unterzone (03:12/160)
Credits: Jeremy Gluck - Unterzone. Genre: Industrial.

Slave Labour
Blood Like Water (DnB Short Take) (01:38/160)
Credits: Jeremy Gluck - love like water: voice1. Genre: Drum N Bass.

David Fuglewicz
Deconstrunterzone (04:44/96)
Deconstructing and demixing Unterzone is a dangerous process, do not attempt it without obtaining the proper training and the proper equipment. The smoke induction machine has yielded a highly ear goggle friendly result but be careful, prolonged listening with ear goggles can osmosify the last dregs of your sanity. I used Hammerhead to create the drum/rhythm loop. The main vocal loop was improvised live by jumping around Jeremy's vocal file and recording it with Total Recorder. Jeremy's vocal file was also fed into EVP Maker, the result was split in half like a ripe melon and paralleled for a subtle but maximum effect.

I also used a vast and weighty selection of loops from Datawhore's Feb., 2009 Open Loops, Cystem's Open Loops 2, and Cystem's Heat Wave Aug., 2006 FTP loops, mashed by my sonic centrifuge, then clarified and Martinized for optimum placement. Credits: David Fuglewicz: loops, mix & production, @ Jeremy Gluck Open Loops, Datawhore Open Loops, Cystem Open Loops, Cystem FTP Loops.. Genre: Interdimensional.

C. Goff III
Waxpaper Shells For Deliberate Pastels (02:41/192)
Lyrics derived from the Treated Gluck. Bev's plastic is sewn elastic. Credits: Open Loops by Arthur Loves Plastic and by Jeremy Gluck. C. Goff III plays: Korg R3 Vocoder Synthesizer, Midisoft Midi Composing Tool, Voice, Reflector Stratocaster Electronic Guitar, Natural Reader Voice Emulator, Sound Effects. Genre: Brit Pop.

Arthur Loves Plastic
Love is All Around (03:14/192)
Credits: Loops: Anti-Gravity Workshop; Mix: Arthur Loves Plastic. Genre: Leftfield.

Arthur Loves Plastic
Peace and Harmony (03:03/192)
Credits: Loops: Buzzsaw and the Shavings, Mix: Arthur Loves Plastic. Genre: World Fusion.

C. Goff III
View From A Brain Cell (03:39/192)
Just as there are audio loops, there are brain loops. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t had them. Sometimes there seems no way to turn them off. This piece is a prototype experiment for a Bradbury-oriented endeavor involving Goff and Justynn Tyme. Credits: Open Loops by Cystem, Fever Spoor, and SoLaRis. C. Goff III plays: Korg R3 Vocoder Synthesizer, Midisoft Midi Composing Tool, Voice, Hello Kitty Electronic Guitar, Sound Effects. Vocal samples from various Ray Bradbury productions.. Genre: Audio Books.

David Fuglewicz
Entrance (03:06/96)
This is a nice short, abstract piece that utilizes one of my own open loops and a handful of the zeetacular Zebra Mann's loops. Credits: Zebra Mann Open Loops, David Fuglewicz Open Loops. Genre: Alien Audio.

Mental Anguish
Stem (11:24/192)
What's on Your Mind? Credits: Dave Fuglewicz Open Loops, Cystem Loops from Guitar Loops Vol. 2 cd, Mix & various other stuffings etc. Mental Anguish. Genre: Electronic.

Spirals In Kobian Hyperspace (10:01/160)
Probably the most complex piece i've ever attempted and using lots of newly acquired skills with Ableton Live.......i love it!! SoLaRiS explodes into hyperpace..... maybe..... with Ozrician and Magma like flourishes of intensity.FREE album of the same name now available for download HERE at JAMENDO Credits: 10 Years Infection Project SoLaRiS. Genre: Awesome Audio.

C. Goff III
Descanter Of Tao (02:19/192)
An ode to feline wisdom as witnessed daily at the Goff household. Credits: Open Loops by Blind Mime. Meows by Carmelita Goff. C. Goff III plays: Korg DS-8 Synthesizer, Korg R3 Vocoder Synthesizer, Midisoft Midi Composing Tool, Voice, Reflector Stratocaster Electronic Guitar, Sound Effects.. Genre: Symphonic.

Arthur Loves Plastic
Weekend (03:04/192)
Credits: Loops: Cystem; Mix: Arthur Loves Plastic. Genre: Electrocore.

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about Germination Number 26 Volume 2: "Regards G #26, Volume 2: Mister Baker, I very much appreciate your compiling and archiving work this week. Tapegerm is lucky to have your talents, particularly nice cover art for this collection. I'm proud to be a part of it all. CIII"-- padukem (on 07/03/11 12:41:10)