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Germination 18 Volume 2

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The Don Campau Project, Vol. 2

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Curated by: The Tapegerm Collective, 28 Nov 2010 03:20 PM


The Tapegerm Collective
Germination 22, Volume 2

cover design by bf baker
photo by .A.A.

Credits: Loops By C. Goff III - CMM And Omnitechnomatrix - : Mix By Omnitechnomatrix. Genre: Techno.

Red Light
Credits: Loops By C. Goff III - CMM And Omnitechnomatrix - : Mix By Omnitechnomatrix. Genre: Awesome Audio.

C. Goff III
Because Something Isn't Quite Right
Euthanasia travels many roads, but those trails that tunnel through our own heads are the ones we remember best. Dedicated to Caruso and her family. Credits: 10 Years Infection Loop by Loopy Spiders (Zebra Mann), Michael Cosma Guest Artist Loop, Doll Song 78 RPM Record by Mabel Garrison (1916), C. Goff III: Korg R3 Vocoder Synthesizer, Midisoft Midi Composing Tool, Voice, Reflector Guitar, Beaver Jaw. Genre: Gospel. Label: Taped Rugs Productions.

Credits: Loops By Cystem Free Looppack 15 - CMM - C. Goff III And Omnitechnomatrix. Genre: Hip Hop.

Michael A Cosma
Red Stone Taser Blast
Here is what one does while working on only 4 hours of sleep and then spending all day at a conference. You sit down with your loops and this happens. Sounds good to me. OMFG Credits: C.Goff III Guest Artist, Jeremy Gluck Guest Artist, Omnitechnomatrix, Michael Cosma Guest Artist. Genre: Kontrolled Phear.

Jack Knife
Credits: Loops By Mental Anguish Free Looppack 15 And Omnitechnomatrix. Genre: BLISTERING BOOGIE.

Michael A Cosma
Try Again Boobles
Saw messages about Jeremy and the Saneworld releases so I knew I had to do something. Couple that with the fact that I got some new headphones and miracles happen. Created in Ubuntu Linux using Audacity and LMMS. Credits: Michael Cosma, Catherine C8, Dan Richert, Jeremy Gluck, Solaris, Hal McGee, Axel Mundi. Genre: Interdimensional.

Zebra Mann
Jellied Ear Drums with Cranberry Sauce
With the holidays coming up, I decided it was time for a little bit of meal preparation. This is a brand new recipe, compliments of the new OTM Loops. Is that cranberry sauce? It looks like cranberry sauce. Um, let's hope it's cranberry sauce. Wear your ear goggles, but keep your fingers on the volume control, we wouldn't want to inadvertently make more cranberry sauce between your ears. :) Credits: Omnitechnomatrix Loops. Genre: Ambient Drum N Bass.

Zebra Mann
Countess Bathory Watches the Dark Side of the Sun
The next in my audio series of forcing two single mixes by two TG artists to co-habitate, and then adding a random loop from a third artist to help sew it all together. Hmm, I seem to mixing my metaphors as well. Credits: One mix each from Hal McGee, Buzzsaw & the Shavings, and one very sweet bass loop from Blind Mime Open Loops tossed in for flavor.. Genre: Experimental.

Credits: Loops By Zebra Mann And Omnitechnomatrix - : Mix By Omnitechnomatrix. Genre: A Pupil @ The Univericity Of USO.

David Fuglewicz
Mood Two
This is a rework of a composition of mine from 2004; "Mood" (which can be downloaded from my website). I used the great freeware tracker Buzz to compose both "Mood" and "Mood Two". I rebuilt it and added a choice loop from the Zebra Mann.
Get yer ear goggles on and adjusted then turn it up, up, up. Credits: Zebra Mann Open Loops, Dave Fuglewicz. }-o-0-O-0-o-{. Genre: Interdimensional.

Space Klock
Loops By International Garbageman Open Loop Directory - CMM And Omnitechnomatrix. Genre: Omnitronikx.

C. Goff III
Apple Blackberry Smoothy
Picture yourself on a surf in a streambed. With blackberry trees and apple butter skies. Credits: Omnitechnomatrix Open Loops, Buzzsaw & The Shavings Open Loops, C. Goff III: Korg R3 Vocoder Synthesizer, Midisoft Midi Composing Tool, Sizzlers Noise Magnets, Primos Raspy Coaxer, Voice. Genre: Glam.

Credits: Loops By Alemap - Mental Anguish Free Looppack 15 And Omnitechnomatrix - : Mix By Omnitechnomatrix. Genre: Experimental.

C. Goff III
This music depends upon predictable patterns which reinforce the control process. This process of reinforcing control will kick the listener’s brain right out of his or her ****. Credits: 10 Years Infection Loops by Blind Mime (Bryan Baker), Mentally Anguished (Chris Phinney) and Heuristics Inc. (Bill Maciejewski) C. Goff III plays: Korg R3 Vocoder Synthesizer, Midisoft Midi Composing Tool, Voice, Reflector Electronic Guitar, Executor, S. Genre: Dance.

Zebra Mann
Baron von Richthofen @ the Crystal Jungles of Mars
Two of the greatest mixes to ever appear on Tape Germ can now be listened to at the same time. And to make it even better, I added a very tasty bace loop from OTM. Credits: One mix each from Buzzsaw & the Shavings and Dave Fuglewicz mangled by me, and sauteed with a sweet tasting loop from the new Omnitechnomatrix November 2010 folder. Genre: Experimental.

Elysian Fields
This track is also featured on my new album 'The Five Elements' available as a FREE download over at JAMENDO. Credits: 10 Years Infection Project - SoLaRiS. Featuring EVM Bass, Corpus , Vocoder and Adventus with a smattering of my own guitar work for extra flavor. Genre: Space Rock.

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