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Germination 18 Volume 2

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Ten Years Infection Vol. 1

Ten Years Infection Vol. 2

The Don Campau Project, Vol. 1

The Don Campau Project, Vol. 2

The GEMAfreie-welten Project


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The Tapegerm Collective
Germination 20 Volume 2

cover design by bf baker

Zebra Mann
Mountains of Madness 4 Remix
Some hours after our landing at Lake's camp, we sent a guarded report of our findings, including the fact that the Professor's entire party was wiped out by a dreadful wind storm. Eleven men dead, young Gedney and one of the dogs gone missing. None of the other dogs survived. We salvaged what we could, and left behind that which was completely destroyed or lost. The significance of our report was not what we mentioned, but that which we found impossible to relate to anyone outside of that place. We hurriedly gathered all that we could, and left that accursed land of death. Credits: Hal McGee Open Loops, Hebephrenic Loops 2010, gemafrie-welten loops and a lil bit o' stuffing by Zebra Mann. Genre: Abstract Ambient.

Credits: Loops By CMM - 10 Years Infection Project - Jesus Crashed My Soft Synth And Omnitechnomatrix - : Mix By Omnitechnomatrix. Genre: Awesome Audio.

Zebra Mann
Mountains of Madness 3 Remix
With nearly a dozen men, seven dogs, a sledge, food and fuel, we loaded up our last remaining airplane to go in search of Professor Lake. What we found is beyond words; a hideous landscape of soaring mountains that I could not help but feel were evil things. Little did we know that something even more horrifying awaited us at Lake's camp. Credits: Loops by Arther Loves Plastic, Anti-Gravity Workshop, Jesus Crash My Soft Synth from the 10 Yr Infection files, and some fun stuffing from the Zebra Mann Open Loops pile.. Genre: Abstract Ambient.

Buzzsaw & The Shavings
A Mix to Scroll Past-Number 717
Whilst you scroll did you know...the Kaiser might initially dwell in a prudent mood; he greeted the emissary of Franz Josef with affability and read the epistle and might momentarily expressed an unease over the prospect of the destruction of Serbia. A prescient colour shone in the Imperial eyes as he muttered over the prospect of some attending complications, and he informed the Austrian ambassador that he must first consult with his Foreign Minister before embarking upon any action. Thereafter luncheon was served, and it is certain that the pool of iced hock and the plenty of the vintage of Champagne under the warm sunshine of the summer must have worked with speed and rapidity to erode the reservations of the Kaiser. After a frothy dessert that largely illustrated the intellectual capacity of the assembled, the Kaiser and the Ambassador retired to the gardens of the palace; after expelling a fume of cigar, the Kaiser suddenly assured the Count that even if Russia should intrude in the affair between Vienna and Belgrade, Germany would appear at the side of its Austrian ally akin to a knight of old, clad in gleaming armour. Credits: Includes Arthur Loves Plastic ftp loops. Genre: Felt Finesse.

Close But Not Touching
Complex! Credits: Jeremy Gluck Guest Artist. Genre: Musical Mayhem.

Zebra Mann
Mountains of Madness 2 Remix
Lake and his men took their find back to camp. The dogs went crazy from the smell of the things, so the men had to drag the sledges back without their help. The dogs were placed in a special enclosure upwind of the laboratory where Lake began his study of the alien forms, including doing a dissection of one that seemed to be damaged. He radioed his findings to us, and then later, we lost all contact with him and his party. Credits: Loops by Heuristics, Inc, Dave Fuglewicz, and Mentally Anguished from the 10 year infection project, with some stuffing from the Zebra Mann Open Loops folder.. Genre: Abstract Ambient.

Climatic Crash
Credits: Looperman & Best Of 2008 packs. Genre: Ambient Drum N Bass.

Credits: Looperman & Best Of 2008 packs. Genre: Electronic.

Zebra Mann
Mountains of Madness 1 Remix
The arrival in Antarctica was uneventful. In the bitter cold of that land of icy-death, discoveries were made, including a range of mountains found by Professor Lake to the Northwest. While Lake made exploratory digs through the rocky hills below the mountains, the rest of the party awaited news of his finds, and tried to tune out the almost sentient piping of the winds that blew incessantly through the landscape. There were a few radio messages sent to the outside world at first landing, but that ceased when Lake discovered something beyond belief. His boring machine had opened up a cave, and in it, fossils of truly alien life forms from another time. Credits: Loops by Mellow Jeremy guest artist, Datawhore, Buzzsaw & the Shavings, with plenty o' stuffing from the Zebra Mann Open Loops folder . Genre: Abstract Ambient.

Credits: Best of 2008 Pack. Genre: Big Badd & Ugly.

Buzzsaw & The Shavings
Leopold and Reproach at the Gumbinnen Symphony
In this trifling homage to me miniatures of old, the storied orchestral conductor Leopold is possessed of desire to introduce the modern and the musically progressive to the most remote and conservative reach of the Fatherland. Reproach is instant, brutish and universal, Leopold making most schnell, not pausing from his flight until much later when the tidings of the ruin of East Prussia cause his pace to at least slow. Credits: Includes ftp loops by Virus Factory and Cystem. Genre: Leftfield.

Buzzsaw & The Shavings
A Mix to Scroll Past-Number 335
Whilst you scroll did you know...With all the pressing business of an urgent matter of state, the Empress Anna applied her attention to the nuptials, which she intended to be remarkable. Petersburg was the possession of winter, and Anna was inspired by the season. A minister of the Imperial Cabinet was entrusted with the erection of a palace, to be entirely constructed from blocks of ice and situate by the banks of the frozen Neva near the Winter Palace. The skill of the artist and builder, affrighted by the displeasure of the Empress, laboured upon the structure, of generous proportions, above thirty feet in elevation and sixty in length. Icy water sprinkled between the blocks functioned as a mortar, as columns of ice were carved and raised, and fanciful statues wrought of that glacial element were set up upon the roof. Next to an elephant hewn out of the frost that issued an icy spray of water that ascended above twenty feet in air, were situated two pyramids of ice that were intended to fire the passion of the honeymooners through a profusion of smutty and licentious images that were hung upon the icy walls. Credits: Zebra Mann Open Loops Mix. Genre: Minimalist.

Block By Block
:devil: :D :devil: Credits: Loops By Axel Mundi Guest Artist And Omnitechnomatrix - : Mix By Omnitechnomatrix. Genre: Awesome Audio.

Loops By Mental Anguish Looppack 15 - Cystem Looppack 15 And Omnitechnomatrix - : Mix By Omnitechnomatrix. Genre: Alien Audio.

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