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Germination 18 Volume 2

Germination 19 Volume 2

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Germination 27 Volume 2

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Germination Number 10 Volume 2

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Germination Volume 2 Number 1

Germination Volume 2 Number 2

Ten Years Infection Vol. 1

Ten Years Infection Vol. 2

The Don Campau Project, Vol. 1

The Don Campau Project, Vol. 2

The GEMAfreie-welten Project


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The Tapegerm Collective
Germination 19, Volume 2

cover art by Allye Baker

Zebra Mann
Libra Signing Off
The last in the Zodiac series, and this one ends with just a touch of finality. Credits: Assorted Loops by Omnitechnomatrix, C. Goff III, and Buzzsaw.. Genre: Abstract Ambient.

Buzzsaw & The Shavings
A Mix to Scroll Past-Number 111
Includes loops by Eddie the Rat and Electroearwig. Whilst you scroll, did you know...The fallen King Louis-Philippe and his family, the royal ladies of the Court of France and a slim attendence of guards departed the palace and issued onto the Place du Carousel, already filled with the victorious citizens of Paris, delivering a gathering of opulent and gilded coaches, the incomparable carriages of old Versailles, the cabs of Louis XIV and Louis XVI to the flames. Illumined by this funeral pyre of the Kingdom of France, the royal family skirted the popular festival that diverted all attentions and they attained the Place de Concorde, which had hosted the guillotine and received the blood of their ancestors. There two carriages awaited, spared the volatile temper of the city, and the King and his family entered in a rapid and harried manner; this attracted the attention of an assembling crowd in the square. Some elderly members of the mob recognised the King and Queen and cried out that their misfortune be respected. When an officer who attended the regal family asked that the crowd and its passions desist from harming the King, he was answered, “What? Do you take us for assassins? Let the King get away!”

Zebra Mann
The Virgo Serenade
My lovely wife is a Virgo, and like her, this little mix can't help but to put a smile on my face. Credits: Open Loops from Anti Gravity Workshop and Omnitechnomatrix. Genre: Abstract Ambient.

Zebra Mann
The Spiders Lair remix
Select loops by Dub Jay from the ftp past members folder, some found sound loops out of my Open Loops folder and a bit of music sampled from an old horror movie. This one is a soundtrack to a non-existent movie. In the plot of this non-movie, two stalwart explorers, drawn on by their scientific curiosity, find an entrance in the side of a mountain. They travel for miles inside of a mysterious cave, following a trail of undecipherable hieroglyphics. The journey is long, the cave narrows the deeper they go and finally, they find that the cave is a dead-end. They have mistakenly explored the abode of a giant spider and the hieroglyphs are nothing more than random shapes in walls lined with ancient webs. The ending is fine for the spider, but not so fine for the hapless explorers. Ear goggles are mandatory, and the louder, the better.

Mental Anguish
The Blood Factory Sickest Dream Mix
Jeremy Gluck, Loops by Jesus Crashed My Soft Synth, Mental Anguish, SoLaRiS, OTM - Diskheadz from 10 Years Infection Project, other stuffing Mental Anguish.. This is a remix of The Blood Factory by Jeremy Gluck. I selected bits & bobs from the remix material to put this together. Thanks to JSG for offering up the material to remix.

Buzzsaw & The Shavings
A Mix To Scroll Past-Number 217
Includes ftp loops by Arthur Loves Plastic, Heuristics Inc, and Ciyd. Whilst you scroll did you know...a missive from Belisarius averted this calamity as he reminded Totila of the eternal infamy of that would attend the man that would expose Rome to ruin, as by destroying the city of the world he would only succeed in the destruction of his own. Totila was persuaded to maintain Rome as the gem of his kingdom, an exceptional ornament that only Totila’s kingdom could boast. But Rome was evacuated; Totila quit the city to mind the movements of Belisarius from the heights of Lucania and the remaining 30,000 denizens were added to the train of his army; senators were chained and dragged, limbs trailing behind them, and cast into the squalid dim of fortresses as the greater populace were dispersed amongst the ruins of Campania. For above a month Rome was utterly empty, a grim silence affixed over the Coliseum and the Circus and the Palatine save the chirp of bird or the quiet tramp of a woodland creature, it having come to join the catalogue of extinction filled by the names of Troy and Babylon.

Zebra Mann
Lucifer's Lounge Singer
A handful of loops from the Zebra Mann Open Loops folder. I put this one together using only the loops I recently recorded at the VFW this weekend. I think it qualifies as a single artist mix, but I won't make a habit of using JUST my own loops. (That isn't fair to the other fine loop artists on TapeGerm). The title refers to the fact that if terrible lounge singers go to Hell, then this just might be what eternity sounds like.

Zebra Mann
The Aquarius Mix
One loop each from International Garbageman, CYSTEM, and Axel Mundi Guest Artist. . This mix is dedicated to MPC, the incredibly creative welder that built the awesome spider sculpture for my yard. I've known this man for nearly my entire life, and he just happens to be the only person I know to be born under this sign. Ear goggles are mandatory on this one folks!

Buzzsaw & The Shavings
An Exquisite if Passing Spell for Aunt Bee
Includes ftp loops by DnadeR and a popular theme. Perhaps the strain of domestic perfection, the enduring demands and expectations of her unparalleled home-spun cuisine and the incessant motions to utterly deliver the Taylor abode of even the most infinitesimal trace of dust, was too much for the frail form of Aunt Bee to endure. Resent and exhaustion conspired together in a great 'spell', bells, whistles, hoots and hollers spoke out in her head again after a brief and spreading calm and Mayberry was delivered to a sudden and destructive tumult meted out by Bee. Yet when Don Knotts and Jim Nabors complained of such violence directed at them, the writers suddenly shelved the idea.

Loops By Omnitechnomatrix Open Loop Directory And Other Omnitechnomatrix Improvisionz - : Mix By Omnitechnomatrix.

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