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The Tapegerm Collective
Germination 17

Cover design by bf baker.

Zebra Mann
The Valkyrie Leader
The fourth in the Zodiac series. The Valkyrie in the title is attributed to Wagner's famous opera, as the original Die Walküre always brings to my mind centaur warriors on the battlefield. Since Sagittarius is represented by a centaur, it all just seems to fit. Any resemblance to the original Die Walküre is purely coincidental. Credits: Loops by DeVico, Magical Cigaretter and DAMcDonald.. Genre: Abstract Ambient.

Zebra Mann
The Stalking Lion
The third in my Zodiac mix series, this one representing my own sign, Leo. Credits: Loops by Arthur Loves Plastic, Hal McGee, shazbot(gmsv), and MellowJeremy. Genre: Abstract Ambient.

David Fuglewicz
Just liked the sound of the title... loops by Buzzsaw & lots of Shavings, Coruscate2, Grunt, Jesus Crash My Soft Synth, Mentally Anguished, resonan and SoLaRiS. Credits: 10 Year Infection Project. Genre: Interdimensional.

It's Not A Dream Anymore
Credits: Loops By Decaying Machine Guest Artist - Arthur Loves Plastic OLD - Noize Loops - Omnitechnomatrix - : Mix By Omnitechnomatrix. Genre: Interdimensional.

Buzzsaw & The Shavings
A Certain Summit of Summering on Lake Balaton
The summer heat, a malicious sun and the seasonable fire of the puzsta and the idle fancies of Budapest made onerous by the shimmering waves of an August air are easily and rapidly evaded by an excursion to the largest lake of Central Europe and thoughts of congestion, a crowd of humanity and a plenty of boats obscuring the waters in addition to an actual hearing of the mix are concerns for later. Credits: Includes ftp loops by Omnitechnomatrix, DeVico and RFitz. Genre: Electronica.

Blind Mime
Bob's Pulpit
Spoken word samples from, drum loop by Eric Hausmann, eBow and electric piano by Bryan Baker. Credits: music by Bryan Baker. Synthesizers by Mentally Anguished, random drums by Blind Mime Infection from the 10 Years Infection Project, synthesizers by Mental Anguish from the Free Loop 13 Project.. Genre: Abstract.

Buzzsaw & The Shavings
Grasping the Fingers of the Plunging Lake Onega
An impressive and expansive deed in which a vast and immense affection attempts to bestow under the pines and upon a rocky shore of a lake extending forth in bays, seeking its rare moment of praise. The mix is led to follow suit, so greatly closer and ever more immediately accessible. Credits: Includes ftp loops by Eddie the Rat, Sideral and Otisfodder. Genre: Germcore.

Zebra Mann
The Patient Scorpion
The second in the newest series, this one representing Scorpio. Credits: Loops by Anti-Gravity Workshop, C. Goff III, and DJ Get Yo Fat On.. Genre: Abstract Ambient.

Buzzsaw & The Shavings
A Choice of Rice or Rye Upon Lake Khanka
On the borders of Czar and Mandarin lies a sheet of water that boasts a plenty of fishery, recreational opportunity, scientific curiosity, environmental interest and sides and shores that boast a contact with the Oriental and Occidental and tempting questions that define and describe a portion of civilisations. Other choices revolve about the mix itself. Credits: Includes ftp loops by Ciyd, Electroearwig and D Nader. Genre: Improvisational.

Dust In My Brain
Credits: Loops By Mentally Anguished 10 Years infection Project - Dave Fuglewicz 10 Years infection Project - Omnitechnomatrix - Mix By Omnitechnomatrix. Genre: Phantazmik Cick Trik.

Mental Anguish
It's a Crude Life! Thanx BP for providing a massive oil spill for future generations. Credits: 10 Years Infection loops by Dave Fuglewicz, Mental Anguish, SoLaRiS, Jesus Crash My Soft Synth, Additional stuffing by Mental Anguish. Genre: Green Alien.

Zebra Mann
The Spider's Lair
A conversation at work came up today concerning the existence of an afterlife and reincarnation. I said that I did not believe in such things, but that if it were possible, I would like to come back in my next life as a spider, and have all my enemies come back as flies. Seems fitting, and somehow appropriate. Wear your ear goggles, this one is quite the ride! Credits: Select loops by Dub Jay from the ftp past members folder. Genre: Bloody Hell.

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