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Curated by: The Tapegerm Collective, 23 May 2010 07:57 PM


The Tapegerm Collective
Germination 11 Volume 2

Cover design bf baker. Photo by Adactio.

Features mostly all my own loops and guitars. This track is dedicated to and inspired by 'Peter Frohmader' 'Present' and 'Art Zoyd' just some of the masters of Avant/Zeuhl and RIO Fusion which hopefully i have captured here just a taste of there style. For more info on Zeuhl music etc you may like to check my blog out HERE There's lots of other great music too to listen to as well on there..... from Krautrock to progressive rock in all its forms from around the globe and much more!. Credits: 10 years infection project - SoLaRiS. Genre: Experimental.

Infectious Cowbell
Cowbell is indeed infectious. I only managed to use about 30 loops from the following creative minds. Thanks! Blind Mime, Coruscate2, Heuristics Inc, Solaris, Mentally Anguished, Dave Fuglewicz, Buzzsaw & the Shavings, Loopy Spiderz Credits: 10 years Infection Project: Blind Mime, Coruscate2, Heuristics Inc, Solaris, Mentally Anguished, Dave Fuglewicz, Buzzsaw & the Shavings, Loopy Spiderz. Genre: Abstract.

Buzzsaw & The Shavings
A Contention of Shavings upon the Autopista
Inexplicably adapted to the manipulations of motorcars, an assembly of Shavings driven by zeal to the feats of a contest and a rally, sally forth from Cadiz upon the southern extremities of Spain. Shaving 71 leads upon the approaches to Seville, then the enthusiasm of the Shaving 4123 prevails upon the confines of Madrid, yet is overtaken by the Shaving 986 as the roar of engines draws down upon Barcelona, thoughts already directing towards passing at superlative speed the Pyrenees at La Junquera and a night's rest at Rivesaltes. I labour to keep in contact, but yet maintain them in view. Credits: 10 Years Infection Project. Includes loops by Grunt, Mentally Anguished, SoLaRiS and Blind Mime Infection. Genre: MASTERMIND MATRIX.

Zebra Mann
Prophecy Revealed
You can have anything that you want; you just have to ask the right questions of the one who can grant your most fervent wish. Sometimes, getting what you wish for is not exactly what you had in mind. Beware of letting the genie out of the bottle. Credits: 10 Years Infection project; one loop from each of the artists that have uploaded loops to the project, altered to fit my vision.. Genre: Bloody Hell.

Forever in a Groove
I don't know why I didn't post this when I wrote it in 2006. I think I intended to write lyrics and add some vocals but never got around to it. Or maybe it was because there are only 2 Tapegerm loops in it. Whatever the's posted now...i really should take some guitar lessons. Credits: Free Loop Project 012. Genre: Rock & a Hard Place.

Buzzsaw & The Shavings, Blind Mine and Sony comprise what my fingers will never be able to master. I've always wanted to RAWK!!!! Credits: Buzzsaw & The Shavings Open Loops, Blind Mime Open Loops. Genre: Rock & a Hard Place.

Zebra Mann
4 Billion Years of Evolution & a Bit of Pond Scum
I took one loop from every contributor to the 10 Year Infection project and created a mix. It is the second longest mix I've ever made. As for the title, Herr Buzz knows what it means. :) Credits: 10 Years Infection Project, one loop each from every contributor.. Genre: CUSTOM CRUSH.

Buzzsaw & The Shavings
Reggio Blurs and Rapid Passion on the Autostrada
After a some slowly escalating motorised pique on the Isle of Sicily, from Reggio to Cosenza was passed a season of ire, from Cosenza to Salerno occurred a period of umbrage, from Salerno to Naples happened an age of resent, from Naples to Rome commenced a time of vexation, from Rome to Orvieto started an era of outrage, from Orvieto to Florence initiated a reign of fury, from Florence to Padua elapsed a duration of wrath, from Padua to Trieste proceeded a term of ferocity and from Trieste to Rijeka, well, borders and infrastructure intrude. Credits: 10 Years Infection Project. Includes loops by Mentally Anguished, Grunt and Blind Mime Infection.. Genre: Germcore.

Zebra Mann
The Mountains of Madness 4 - Escape
The unimaginable creature from the depths of that Stygian sea pursues the two scientists thru the inky darkness. The men succeed at first, whether it be pure luck or instinct, and correctly choose the right tunnels towards the surface. Neither dares look back to see how close the monster is, for to do so might cause them to stumble and find themselves at the mercy of its slavering jaws. With a shout of relief, they find their way to the surface, and to the waiting aeroplane that brought them here. This concludes the Mountains of Madness series of mixes. Do they get away from their pursuer? Does the beast catch them? Will they live to tell the tale? You, my patient listener, you get to write the ending. Credits: Arthur Loves Plastic, Heuristics, Inc. loops, 10 Years Infection Project loops by: grunt, Mentally Anguished.. Genre: Dark Ambient.

Jeremy Gluck
Grunt loops and Jack Wrigley's very English delivery merged into Olde Weird wonder. Credits: Jeremy Gluck - Jack Wrigley - 10 Years Infection Project Loops by Grunt. Genre: Spoken Word.

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about Germination Number 11 Volume 2: "Ten years already? It hardly seems like one. Oh wait, I've only been here for one year, sorry. Seriously though, there are a fine bunch of musicians at TapeGerm and I feel honored to be among them. I'm not worthy!"-- evelynzzeeb (on 05/23/10 23:36:25)