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Curated by: The Tapegerm Collective, 15 May 2010 08:52 PM


Cover design by bf baker.
Photo by Kanko

Zebra Mann
The Mountains of Madness 1 - Quest
This series of mixes are based on the short novel "At the Mountains of Madness" by H.P. Lovecraft. This first selection describes the journey of the author and Danforth across the mountains, up the river valley and into the ancient city of the Old Ones. There, they begin the historical and scientific examination of the nameless beings and terrible gods that once ruled the earth from that place. The two men journey deeper into the labyrinth of caves and tunnels under the terrible city, and in a place where no other living being has walked for over a million years, they begin to hear sounds they cannot explain. These two men are convinced that they are all alone, and surmise that what they hear is simply the echo and re-echo of their footfalls and voices in this place; the sound of the wind howling through tunnels and caverns, or maybe just their imaginations playing tricks on them. There is no one else for a thousand miles in any direction, and such a sense of loneliness would likely affect even the minds of skeptics and scientists, would it not? Credits: Arthur Loves Plastic Loops Private TG ftp, 10 Years Infection Project Loops, including Jesus Crash my Soft Synth loops, SoLaRiS loops, Carpet Glue Unlimited loops, Mental Anguished loops, Hannah Galli vocal loops. Genre: Dark Ambient.

Buzzsaw & The Shavings
Ein Stückwerk Nummer 512
Fresh from the earth and dusty memory repressed, this portion of that legendary series is rumoured to have derived of the pen and composed through the imagination of the fevered and plagued residents of Krampnitz or Hohenlychen, caught betwixt and between being Sorb and Teuton and a gnawing crown-sporting eagle. Inevitable was the composition, easy to presume was the nature of its reception and yet more facile was its speedy disappearance. Brought up again by the indefatigable industry of the archaeologist it now plays at the click of a mouse quite certainly eeking. Credits: 10 Years Infection Project. Includes loops by Jesus Crash My Soft Synth, Carpet Glue Unlimited, bf baker and Loopy Spiderz. Genre: itz a cutter.

David Fuglewicz
A Progression Of Innocence
Innocence progresses. Loops by The Other Mind, Blind Mime Infection and Grunt, vocal by Jack Wrigley. Credits: 10 Years Infection Project. Genre: Spoken Word.

Credits: 10 Years Infection Project: Loops by BF Baker, Brandon K. Montoya, Heuristics, Inc., Mental Anguish, Hannah Galli, Count Buzzavich, and Jesus Crashed My Soft Synth . Genre: Trip Hop.

Slow Motions
I reversed some of my guitar lines which to me somehow sounded better. Credits: 10 years infection project - SoLaRiS. Genre: Ambient.

Stupid Opium
Can I reach Inside?
Credits: 10 Years infection project ; Hannah Galli vocals. Genre: Industrial Electronic.

Buzzsaw & The Shavings
Ein Stückwerk Nummer 1101
The rash and imprudent motions of the archeologists and historians of that Institute upon the Unter den Linden, are seen to continue in their motions and their operations that still draw forth musical relics of the race of Stückwerke from the sandy ground of Brandenburg. The latest recovery is a of a more recent vintage, derived of the age of railways, of Isms overspreading Europe and the tenure of Von Bismarck in Prussia. The composition was composed in a fated, inevitable spirit guided by the sure Laws of History. The yet mild von Bismarck gave ear to the piece during a concert on the Wilhelmstrasse and it was certain he was affected. Soon the ghastly battles of Sadowa and Sedan ensued, Paris besieged and Bismarck suddenly feared and Prussia hated. What followed is too well known. Bismarck issues yet another warning, this Stückwerk IS NOT ear goggle friendly. :) Credits: 10 Years Infection Project. Includes loops by Loopy Spiderz, Grunt, David Fuglewicz, and SoLaRiS. Also includes Hal McGee Open Loops.. Genre: Musical Mayhem.

C. Goff III
Leptospiral Jaundice
This infection was manifested thus: 1) A 30-minute-long recording from April 22nd, 2010 (one of several recorded rehearsals for a performance at the Denver Noise Fest), was cleaned and divided into several parts of unequal length. 2) The several parts were all randomly distributed over several overlapping tracks on a computer recording program grid. The overall length of the mix was reduced from 30 minutes to about 10 minutes. 3) Several Hannah Galli vocal loops were added to the recording grid, each on its own track, each looped 10 times and positioned at regular 30-second intervals. 4) A Swami Loopynanda/Carpet Glue Unlimited loop was reproduced 10 times, and each of the 10 loops was placed at strategic positions in the recording grid. 5) The whole was mixed together. Credits: 10 Years Infection Project; Hannah Galli; Carpet Glue Unlimited . Genre: Noise.

Zebra Mann
The Mountains of Madness 2 - Discovery
As the two scientists follow the trail of sculpture and cryptographs carved into the walls of the tunnels and caves beneath those haunted mountains, they discover secrets in an underground city where no one has trod for over a million years. They read the legends carved upon the living rock, and venture ever deeper into the depths. As they follow the paths of the Old Ones, they begin to hear sounds that cannot be attributed to mere echoes and howling winds. The two scientists sense danger ahead, and their fear is great, but their curiosity is greater. Just as each step takes them further into the Stygian darkness, every flash of their torches upon the carved stones teaches them a little more about the long-forgotten race of beings known only as the Old Ones. At last they reach a seemingly endless underground sea, and looking beneath its still surface, at the bottom of its crystal-clear depths, there lies a vast city upon the bottom. The city is easy to see, for its walls, towers and turrets are clothed in ghostly light; illuminated by the millions of tiny phosphorescent creatures that cover them. Our two adventurers gaze out upon the impossibility before them, and wonder if anyone might still live within the confines of that grand sunken city. Credits: Arthur Loves Plastic loops, 10 years Infection Project loops, including those by: dave fuglewicz, Hannah Galli/Bryan Baker, Buzzavich, Heuristics, Inc., Carpet Glue Unlimited, grunt, Jesus Crashed my Soft Synth, and Mental Anguished. Genre: Dark Ambient.

David Fuglewicz
A Scattering
A Scattering is upon us. 10 Years Infection Project Loops by Blind Mime Infection, Buzzsaw & The Shavings, Carpet Glue Unlimited, Heuristics Inc., Mentally Anguished, resonan and Solaris. Credits: 10 Years Infection Project. Genre: Interdimensional.

Whenever I Seem To Be Far Away
Myself on all the guitars on this one which gets a bit crazy at times! Credits: 10 years infection project - SoLaRiS. Genre: Psychedelic.

Zebra Mann
The Mountains of Madness 3 - Pursuit
As the two scientists travel along the shore of the underground sea, they attempt to find a way to get closer to the sunken city, curious to study it in detail. Using their torches sparingly, they find a spur of rock that seems to form a bridge out over the water. Suddenly a large formless shadow blocks out a large portion of the glowing city. Immediately afterward, there is a splash as if something immense has come ashore. The two men shine their torches in the direction of the sound and just before the light fades out forever, they see a gigantic creature that defies explanation. It is a horrifying monstrosity to see, and the only thing worse than catching a brief glimpse of the beast with their lights, is now being alone in the darkness with it. Casting their useless torches down, the two men run towards the ramp that leads away from the underground sea. Terror fills their minds and they dash blindly away from the thing that pursues them. They instinctively seek a path upwards, for they know that safety must surely lie at the surface. They run until they are certain that their hearts will explode, trying to reach the surface before the beast catches up to them. Credits: Arthur Loves Plastic loops, 10 Years Infection Loops, including loops by: Blind Mime Infection, Mentally Anguished, Heuristics Inc., grunt, resonan, and Carpet Glue Unlimited.. Genre: Dark Ambient.

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