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Curated by: The Tapegerm Collective, 24 Apr 2010 06:33 AM


The Tapegerm Collective
Germination 7 Volume 2

David Fuglewicz
100 Adventures In Electrlicah
Loops by Grunt, Solaris, Blind Mime Infection and Mentally Anguished, for the 10 Years Infection Project. This is also my 100th posted mix for Tapegerm, on to the next 100! Thank you one and all, who have listened to my mixes and provided boundless support. Credits: 10 Years Infection Project. Genre: Green Alien.

Credits: Loops By Dan Richert Guest Artist - Cystem - Buzzsaw And The Shavings - David Fuglewicz Free Loop Project 015 Omnitechnomatrix _ : Mix By Omnitechnomatrix. Genre: Alien Audio.

Zebra Mann
Infected by the WAVs
Break out the antibiotics, double up on your vitamin C tablets, grab a box of Kleenex and brew up a soothing pot of herbal tea, this is gonna be a rough ride. Credits: Loops by Dave Fuglewicz and grunt from the 10 Years Infection Project. Genre: Floating Electronic Music.

Stupid Opium
The Cult of Cybele
Credits: C. Goff III Guest Artist. Genre: Abstract Ambient.

Buzzsaw & The Shavings
Even Deutsch Jahrndorf Boasts a Hauptstrasse
Upon the furthest easterly fringe of the East Mark, presently set on the confines of Magyars and puszta and the remnants of a curtain of iron, Jahrndorf boasts a sufficient amount of amenities and conveniences, of spreading links to the great cities of the area, and it is rumoured a quite vast supply of reproach and sputtering guttural contempt over this mix. Tirades featuring six different words for 'the' ensue... Credits: 10 Years Infection Project. Includes loops by Grunt, Mentally Anguished, bf baker, Zebra Mann and davefugle. Genre: Germcore.

Jeremy Gluck
I Carry In Me My Mother
10 year loops and a recent poem form this remembrance of my late mother, to whom it is dedicated. Credits: Jeremy Gluck - 10 years infection project. . Genre: Abstract Ambient.

Anti - Gravity Workshop
Nu Slate
Credits: Loops By CMM - Cystem - Omnitechnomatrix Free Loop Project 015 - : Mix By Anti - Gravity Workshop. Genre: Metal.

Stupid Opium
This is a remix of a song called "Geographical Changes" that we contributed to a compilation . There is a concept that by only changing locations to solve personal problems, you will not solve those problems at all. We had an idea to release a CD with the track on it 22 times as kind of an expression of that idea. We thought it interesting and burned ourselves a prototype. Doubt we'll ever release it. Who wants a CD with the same song on it 22 times?! Art? Or Pretentious crap? thats always the question. Credits: Jeremy Gluck Guest Artist. Genre: Noise.

Zebra Mann
The Bird Flu Revisited
Another case of H5N1 is breaking out, and science has created a vaccine that just may work at stopping the spread of infection. Or not, it all depends upon how virulent the virus is and the determination the pharmaceutical warriors working in the field. For the time being, cover your mouth when you sneeze, and please wash your hands afterwards! Credits: 10 years Infection project, loops by dave fugle, CountBuzzavich, bf baker, and myself . Genre: Experimental.

Metal Spirit VIP
Credits: free loop sample pack, contagion. Genre: Drum N Bass.

Jeremy Gluck
Slide featuring Emily Griffths
The former Datawhore makes his comeback? Anyhow, my first new solo piece here for yonks plus, and a pleasure to plug back into the loops. Credits: Jeremy Gluck - Emily Griffiths - 10 years infection project. Genre: Abstract Ambient.

Key Low
Credits: Loops By Cystem Loop Pack 15 - David Fuglewicz Loop Pack 15 - Omnitechnomatrix - : Mix By Omnitechnomatrix. Genre: Interdimensional.

Blind Mime
The tide is at an ebb. Wait for it. Credits: by bf Baker. 10 Years Infection Project. Loops: guitar by Cystem, synthesizer by bf baker. Field recordings: "The Beach" open source audio via, "Nagasaki Homage Ritual" by yousunkmygunkanjima via Genre: Abstract Ambient.

Zebra Mann
Atmospheric Effects for the Clinically Depressed
More 10 Yr. Infection Loop Project inspired madness. Credits: 10 Years Infection Project - Blind Mime Infection loops.. Genre: Improvisational.

Cover design & photography by bf baker. Thanks to Chris Phinney for the gift.

Discovered 200 times.

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