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The Don Campau Project, Vol. 2

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The Tapegerm Collective
Germination 6, Volume 2

Anti - Gravity Workshop
Sugar Spine
Credits: Loops By Anti - Gravity Workshop -- CMM -- Dan Richert Guest Artist -- Buzzsaw & The Shavings Open Loops. Mix By Anti - Gravity Workshop.. Genre: Phantazmik Cick Trik.

Red Queen
Featuring some new techniques i havn't used before in Ableton Live....... oh! and some guitar of mine too! Credits: Dan Richert. Genre: Ambient.

Slave Labour
Good Show
Credits: Buzzsaw and the Shavings - MMRJabVoice; CigaretteHolderRiff; Cajun1; Cajun2; GrooveOfBrass. Genre: A Fine How Do U Do.

Stupid Opium
Burnt Fruit
Credits: C. Goff III Guest Artist. Genre: Noise.

Credits: Loops By Anti - Gravity Workshop -- CMM -- Mental Anguish Loop Pack 15 -- Omnitechnomatrix. Mix By Omnitechnomatrix. Genre: Alien Audio.

Mental Anguish
Escalating Rage
Sun, Springtime, Flowers, Escalating Rage in America! Disjointed, Discombobulated You Betcha! A country gone mad with economic turmoil! Prices rising for no reason on goods with the exception of greed! Unfortunately the wage envelope is not really increasing but actually decreasing in what seems like the majority of the people, least to me. Ah well you know I really should be working. Play loud & use your ear goggles. Credits: Majestic Twelve Guest Artist, Big Fish. Other stuffing Mental Anguish. Genre: Folk Experimental.

Stupid Opium
Hardcore Residents fans may get the title. It has absolutely nothing to do with our music but consider us guilty of being hardcore Residents fans. Credits: contagion. Genre: Percussion.

Zebra Mann
Celebrity Provocateur
Sometimes the best explanation is no explanation at all. This might be one of those times. Ear goggle friendly. Credits: Yuroun Guest Artist loops, Zebra Mann voice loop. Genre: Experimental.

Buzzsaw & The Shavings
Ein St├╝ckwerk Nummer 79
The earliest available piece of this particular series, rumoured to be utterly lost and cast across the face of Europe since the irruption of the Ostrogoths under King Totila reduced Rome to the level of a pasture, thusly compassing the revolution of centuries allotted to that ancient metropolis. By all standards of decency and compassion the archaeologist, mucking about the archives of the Mark Brandenburg in Berlin must deeply blush. Credits: Includes David Fuglewicz Open Loops. Genre: Experimental.

Stupid Opium
whatever that means
We uploaded this track before and then Robert took it down. The band is split on this one. Democracy prevails. Cynthia would not let up until we put this back on the site. A neutral party was asked and said the track was demented. Its back on. Credits: Dan Richert guest artist; casio bent circuit loops. unidentified televangelists. Genre: Experimental.

Soon Over Canaluma
Featuring Toxic Biohazard and some strange guitar sounds of mine.A touch Krauty ( hence the title if you get my drift! ) and expect truckloads of FX which should make your ears smile. Credits: Decaying Machine Guest Artist. Genre: Psychedelic.

Mental Anguish
Testing the Strength of the Torture Fluxus Pole
A playful exercise in futility. A Ear Goggle Friendly Production. Credits: Fluxus Fone project, Dan Richert Guest artist, Jeremy Gluck Guest Artist read by Lenore Herb, Hebephrenic Open Loops, GEMAfreie-welten Guest Artist, Blind Mime Open Loops, other stuffing by Mental Anguish. . Genre: Green Alien.

Slave Labour
Good Show Old Chap
Credits: Buzzsaw and the Shavings - MMRJabVoice; CigaretteHolderRiff; Cajun1; Cajun2; GrooveOfBrass. Genre: A Fine How Do U Do.

Anti - Gravity Workshop
Take Me
Credits: Loops By Dan Richert Guest Artist -- Anti - Gravity Workshop -- Omnitechnomatrix -- : My By Anti - Gravity Workshop. Genre: Experimental.

Cover by bf baker.
Photo by Titoy .

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