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the Tapegerm Collective
The Don Campau Project, Vol. 2

Born in 1952, Campau began recording in 1969 with the legendary Bay Area avant garde group, The Roots Of Madness. The Roots recorded an LP in 1971 and many open reel tapes as albums now being re-issued on CDR. In 1976, he started 4 track recording with his friend, Greg Gray and later went on to form The Desmonds, a punk band, with Greg and Joe Menichetti. In 1981, he got his own 4 track and has been cranking out the home recordings ever since. Campau also hosts the long running home taper and independent radio program, NO PIGEONHOLES, on KKUP, 91.5FM throughout the SF and Monterey Bay Areas.

Go to for more information.

For a list of Don Campau recordings go to: lonely whistle music, where you'll also find Don's Living Archive of Underground Music.

Anti - Gravity Workshop
New Worldz
Credits: Loopz By Don Campau Guest Artist - Wallace Stevens And Omnitechnomatrix - : Mix By Anti - Gravity Workshop. Genre: Psychedelic.

Michael A Cosma
The front piece is a guitar work I came up with last night using some alternate tuning. I wanted to do something with the piece so what better than a new tapegerm track. I also liked "see it all" the last song icecreamofdeath did so I wanted to incorporate that into this piece as well - the monstrous ending was a perfect slot. Hal's loops perfectectly accent the intro part. Credits: icecream of death, 24 hour flu, MJB guest artist, Don Campau guest artist, S.L.I.P. guest artist, Majestic Twelve guest artist, Hal McGee Open Loops. Genre: Big Badd & Ugly.

David Fuglewicz
The Head's Of Dogs
10/18/2005 I used guest artist, Don Campau's loops for this piece. Thanks for the fine loops to work with Don. Voice and words by Wallace Stevens from Don's loops. ^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^ Credits: Don Campau Guest Artist Loops. Genre: Green Alien.

Citizen Six
Only The River Knows
Credits: A Halloween track. Featuring loops from The Kidgerm project, Megascorpion guest artist, Q-Cut guest artist, CYSTEM Open Loops, and Don Campau Guest Artist loop sets.. Genre: Film Music.

Being inspired by Bryan and Don's guitar loops, I went out and got myself a Line6 PODxt and an Ebow. yeehaw. Credits: Blind Mime Open Loops, Don Campau Guest Artist Mix, Omnitechnomatrix Open Loops , Q-Cut Guest Artist Mix and Cystem. Genre: Rock.

International Garbageman
Cohors tumultuaria
Credits: Loops from Rootsy Records, Djembe Master loops, Don Campau Guest Artist. Mix by International Garbageman. Genre: Abstract.

Opus Moderandi
Awesome loops from Don! Didn't know how to catagorize this one. Any suggestions are welcome. Credits: Don Campau Guest Artist mix and Cystem. Genre: Instrumental.

Don Campau I didn't know. Wallace Stevens I didn't know. Now I do, and I'm happier for the experience.
I'd always wanted to attempt a multiple harmony 'thing' and this seemed the perfect place to try it. All in all I'm happy, though this is top of my list of tracks to tweak when I get a moment. The spoken word pieces were the muse food for this mix. My 6th track. Credits: Kamakura, Don Campau Guest Artist, Wallace Stevens, with Vocals, vox. Genre: Alternative.

Michael A Cosma
its about real vs. illusion matrix concepts and the plastic bucket reference is from a cool zine I used to read. I needed to test my new desktop mic and felt like playing my guitar so there you have it skippy! Credits: Michael A Cosma, Mega Scorpion Guest Artist, 24 Hour Flu, Don Campau Guest Artist, Hal McGee Open loops, Majestic Twelve Guest Artist, Kid Loops Project. Genre: Interdimensional.

Great loops to work with :) Credits: Don Campau Guest Artist. Genre: Ambient.

Buzzsaw & The Shavings
Pour Maman, Pomme du Monde
A tribute of sorts to my mother who passed away August 21, 2005. Credits: Don Campau Guest Artist Mix. Genre: Mood Music.

Blind Mime
his collapsing figures
It's been a while since I've done a major loop composition. I did a quick sweep through the big FTP mother load and found some things I hadn't touched on before. Credits: composed by blind mime. Loops: cystem, keith hanlon/zapruder red, dave fuglewicz open loops, don campau guest artist loops, omnitechnomatrix, dj get yo fat on, virus factory, blind mime, buzzsaw & the shavings.. Genre: Progressive.

Thelonious Octopus
On the Good Spaceship Campau
The manipulation of one loop in space. All sounds stem from the manipulation of one loop; no music is actually added to this loop. Credits: Don Campau guest artist loop. Genre: Solo Instrumentals.

The Heads Of Dogs
Went a little creepy this time around. Although indecipherable, the spoken words are by Wallace Stevens and Tom Furgas. Credits: Don Campau Guest Artist Mix and Cystem. Genre: Dark Ambient.

Hal McGee
Firecrackers and Centipedes
Another mix uploaded from the brain of Hal McGee, with loops by Buzzsaw, Don Campau, Heuristics Inc. and more. Painting by Marcel Herms -- Credits: Buzzsaw Open Loops, Don Campau Guest Artist, Free Loop Project 013 (DJ Get Yo Fat On, Mental Anguish), Free Loop Sample Pack (Heuristics Inc.), Hal McGee: mix, piano, theremin, tapes. Genre: Folk Experimental.

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