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The Tapegerm Collective
GEMAfreie-welten Project

GEMAfreie-welten offers a wide range of Royalty Free Music and Soundeffects. They employ quite a few artists to make loops & sounds for them. They also do music production & provide ringtones & many other things. A top notch outfit that's highly recommended.

You can find out more about GEMAfreie-welten & preview sounds, sign up with them & or purchase sounds.

Photo by webtreats.
Cover design by bf baker.

Mellow Jeremy
In Tech Mind 5:48
Working to get some tech sounds to groove, I came by tapegerm to find some loops to add. A creative way to bring on ideas. Nice sounds from the loop artists. Credits: Loops from M.Nomized Guest Artist, The Majestic 12 Guest Artist, GEMAfreie-welten Guest Artist, 8th Day Rebellion Guest Artist, and Yuroun Guest Artist, and PeaceLoveProductions.. Genre: Techno.

208 and a half
Working Waves 8:22
This track is a bit of an experiment with mangled loops in an ambient setting. Does it do anything for you, or is it just a pile of old rubbish? Credits: Free Loop Project 015/ Hal McGee/ International Garbageman plus GEMAfreie-welten Guest Artist. Genre: Experimental.

Hal McGee
itchinmytwitchyglitch 6:21
Recorded and processed on microcassette (and in Acid Pro). I am itchy and twitchy and irritable and pissed off. My idea of dance music for the 21st Century. This sounds like the tinnitus in my right ear. Photo by Jen Sandwich. Credits: GEMAfreie-welten Guest Artist, Hal McGee - manipulations. Genre: Glitch.

Jumpinn 0:39
Credits: GEMAfreie-welten Guest Artist 41-01.wav. Genre: So Far Off The Wall It's Down The Street.

I 5:40
. J . Credits: Contagion, GEMAfreie-welten Guest Artist, Mellow Jeremy Guest Artist.. Genre: assholes and elbows.

David Fuglewicz
Zoyra's Valley (3:47)
-Zoyra's Valley is a legend the elders say. The Chzrintal say "Go far to the east and find the Mountain of Eternal Night, beyond is the valley ". Credits: Loops by GEMAfreie-welten Guest Artist. Genre: Interdimensional.

C. Goff III
The Old Maids Last Hope 3:42
This 1887 folk ballad by E.S. Thilp reveals a few 19th Century conceptions of beauty, morality, health, and humor. C. Goff III has brought to the world a 21st Century interpretation of this song after it has been allowed to ferment for 120 years. Credits: Words And Basic Tune By E.S. Thilp (1887). This production features Goffs voice and twiddlings, blended together with altered bits of open loops from Contagion, GEMAfreie-welten Guest Artist, and The Majestic Twelve Guest Artist.. Genre: Folk.

Zebra Mann
Ghostly Landscape 8:25
In a dark and forbidding landscape, nameless and beyond any map drawn by mortal men, lies a place of unending horror where evil runs rampant. The unspeakable wickedness of the landscape is surpassed only by the ethereal beings that call this place home. Listening to this song may take you there. If it does, there is no way back. Credits: Jeremy Gluck guest artist loops, GEMAfreie-welten guest artist Loops, various Buzzsaw Mixes chopped and stirred but not shaken, various sound wavs.. Genre: Bloody Hell.

Midnight Rush 6:00
Credits: Peace Love productions, GEMAfreie-welten Guest Artist 55-08 , Genre: Trance.

Zebra Mann
Six Daze To Roam (On The Seventh We Rested) 2:21
Did you ever notice that sometimes, when you are dreaming, the conversations you have with the people in your dreams have absolutely nothing to do with the events and actions going on all around you? This mix is kind of like that. Credits: GEMAfreie-welten guest artist, CYSTEM open loops, guest artist Ed Drury, Fluxus Fone Project. Genre: Primordial Panderings.

Pike Saxxon Meets Dj Syren 4:01
Credits: Pike Saxxon, Peace Love Productions, GEMAfreie-welten Guest Artist. Genre: Progressive.

Hal McGee
Waterproof Serpent 7:44
A new avant garde surrealist spoken word piece constructed and sculpted out of spam emails. I have consulted The Oracle, and this is what she spake. Credits: GEMAfreie-welten Guest Artist; Hal McGee - voice and words; Jen Sandwich - photograph. Genre: Avant Garde.

Don Campau
Tum-mo 13:00
A yogi practises tummo, the yoga of inner heat. As the Seventh Dalai Lama wrote: "Vital energies generated by inner or outer means are drawn into one's central channel, causing the mystic fires to blaze....... The letters AH and HAM flare, fall and vibrate, transporting one to the end of the primordial path of insight and Great Bliss. Lights from the mystic fire flash into a hundred directions, summoning the blessings of Buddhas boundless as space." text © Ian Baker photos © Thomas Laird Credits: Don Campau: mixing, effects, GEMAfreie-welten Guest Artist , Yuroun Guest Artist ,Free Loop project 015, Midsummer Nights Germination by Blind Mime, Mental Anguish, International Garbageman, prank monkey, shaud, M.Nomized Guest Artist, Cystem, Hal McGee. Genre: Abstract.

Kilimanjaro Ghosts 9:04
For generations, people in East Africa have turned to this, 19,341-foot mountain that rises above the rest of the continent, and prayed. "Please God," they asked, thinking he lived on top of Kilimanjaro. Now outsiders flock to this piece of heaven on earth. Some are looking for adventure, some are searching for answers. Many will talk to God during the climb. Some will pray as they gasp for breath in the cold, thinning air of the mountain's summit. There are ghosts on the mountain , many from across the great African continent wander through the mists below the summit. You can hear them...their drums...their chants...there is a shroud of exotic mystery that surrounds this magic mountain....come with me into the African night , and though it will rain , it will be worth the experience Credits: GEMAfreie-welten Guest Artist. Genre: African.

Buzzsaw & The Shavings
Ludendorff's Foggy Front Mounted Breakdown 6:38
The pressure of days, months and years of war at last lead to a climax as revolt and mutiny steal across the Fatherland, and every last hope fled and every last avenue of escape denied, General Ludendorff rails at his staff, before being consumed by rising waves of fury, heart overworked and fists clenched and temples pulsing violently. Lips suddenly sputter out in foam and he falls to the floor with a crash, shaking the room and the halls of ministries throughout the world. Shell-shock it was argued..even though he had never been near the front. Credits: GEMAfreie-welten Guest Artist Mix. Genre: Musical Mayhem.

Rave 3:31
Credits: Peace Love Productions,,TNF-Coagula2-David Fuglewicz open loops,56-01-GEMAfreie-welten guest artist, Genre: Progressive Electronica.

perfect symmetry 7:24
"Are there, in nature, behaviours of whole systems unpredicted by the parts?" [Buckminster Fuller quoted in 'Perfect Symmetry' of J. Baggott] Credits: Jeremy Gluck Guest Artist, GEMAfreie-welten Guest Artist, Omnitechnomatrix Open Loops, acidsequences by britva on NI Generator . Genre: Trance.

Zebra Mann
Spiderz Chapter One - The Egg Sac 3:07
These chapters are for Zetta, my Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula. In honor of all invertebrates; and arachnids in particular, I've decided to see what sort of eight legged mixery I can create. This mix, the first of what I can only hope will be many more, describes the beginnings of all spiders, the humble egg sac, carefully protected by the skillfully lain web of the preceeding generation. Zetta never knew her mother, yet her mother did the best she could for her offspring, just the same. Credits: Created with Loops by Mike McGary Random 12, Mental Anguish Open Loops, Cystem Open Loops, Hal McGee Open Loops, Ed Drury Guest Artist, and GEMAfreie-welten Guest Artist.. Genre: Dark Ambient.

Zebra Mann
Spiderz Chapter Two - Emergence 3:26
When the egg sac opens, a thousand spiders come streaming out. Definitely not a sight for someone that is severely arachnaphobic. Credits: includes loops by Blind Mime Open Loops, Arthur Loves Plastic Open Loops, CYSTEM Open Loops, Mental Anguish Open Loops, Mike McGary Random 12 Pack, and GEMAfreie-welten guest artist. Genre: Dark Ambient.

Don Campau
Cross Section Of Last Scattering 10:11
Don Campau: moog, harmonica, tibetan bowl, rainstick, triangle, mixing Credits: Axel Mundi Guest Artist, Decaying Machine Guest Artist, Jeremy Gluck Guest Artist, Yuroun Guest Artist, GEMAfreie-welten Guest Artist. Genre: Abstract Ambient.

Blind Mime
Cries From the Anthill 6:23
I made a field recording recently of a visit to a local second hand store which you can hear in this piece which is based on the interplay between a spoken word poem found in the OurMedia Collection at and an electric piano figure from our GEMAfreie-welten cohorts. Guitars and synths are improvised against one another. The score remains unsettled. The grasshopper is mangled. The anthill is dispersed under children's feet. Tomorrow is another day. Credits: by bf baker. GEMAfreie-welten: electric piano loop; Cystem: guitar loops; OurMedia Collection @ "Knucklehead"; bf baker: field recording, percussion loop, bass, guitars, synthesizers. Sources: Cystem Open Loops, GEMAfreie-welten Guest Artist . Genre: Abstract.

Mental Anguish
Testing the Strength of the Torture Fluxus Pole 8:27
A playful exercise in futility. A Ear Goggle Friendly Production. Credits: Fluxus Fone project, Dan Richert Guest artist, Jeremy Gluck Guest Artist read by Lenore Herb, Hebephrenic Open Loops, GEMAfreie-welten Guest Artist, Blind Mime Open Loops, other stuffing by Mental Anguish. . Genre: Green Alien.

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