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Something's Missing 03:53/192k
Made with ALP's fine February loops and my new Ibanez Classical Nylon String Acoustic/Electric guitar. It sounds to me like it could use something else but, it's been so long since I posted anything, I wanted to get it out there. :-/ Credits: ALP February 2012 loops. Genre: Mystical Music. Created: 22 Feb 2012 10:31 AM. Plays: 94 -->please comment (3).

It's Not So Bad 02:56/128k
Just wanted to let y'all know I'm still alive... Credits: Arthur Loves Plastic Feb 2010 loops and cystem. Genre: Felt Finesse. Created: 04 Mar 2010 11:11 AM. Plays: 239 -->please comment (5).

Reviled 04:17/128k
sort of a re-remix of a Scottish Brick Society song... there is no actual soundtrack, btw... Credits: cystem Open Loops and cystem Private Loops. Genre: Movies. Created: 25 Aug 2009 07:49 AM. Plays: 489 -->please comment (3).

Tonal Vapor Trail (atmosphere mix) 04:34/128k
Credits: cystem. Genre: Alien Audio. Created: 15 Aug 2009 02:33 AM. Plays: 355 -->please comment (3).

A Vast Expanse Of Nothing 04:00/128k
ambient repitition made entirely with guitar loops. Credits: Cystem Open Loops (2 & 3), Cystem Contagion Loops and Free Loop Pack 015 (cystem loops also). Genre: Oceanic. Created: 25 Sep 2007 11:36 AM. Plays: 1170 -->please comment (4).

Minus 24 04:14/128k
Guitars & Voice Credits: Buzzsaw & The Shavings ftp loops and Cystem. Genre: Retardaphish. Created: 30 Aug 2007 11:02 AM. Plays: 1087 -->please comment (3).

The Shakes 03:25/128k
coffee, smoke and mirrors... Credits: Contagion loops by Scott Carr, Heuristics Inc, Dave Fuglewicz, International Garbageman and Cystem. Genre: holey O. Created: 05 May 2007 06:45 PM. Plays: 884 -->please comment (0).

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I Bitter End

Thanks to Electroearwig for the great loops.

Genre: Electronic
Album: default

Credits: Free Loop Project 012 - Loops by Electroearwig and Cystem

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"Your playing has improved a lot during your trip to the wood shed. If there is something missing in "Something's Missing", I can't hear it. The composition, production and execution are all excellent. Well done John and I hope we don't have to wait so long for your next piece." -- David Fuglewicz (on 02/26/12 09:49:42)

"worth the wait...thank you" -- Shell (on 02/24/12 18:37:53)

"Man, i miss hearing more of your stuff here. This sounds great to me -- let's hear some more!" -- Blind Mime Ensemble (on 02/22/12 18:30:31)

"Cystem sets the bar high for all loop artists and as always, jumps even higher. Simply put: the best in the business." -- Don Campau (on 05/07/10 21:20:27)

"Oh and the mix is just wonderful, I love the ending especially. You shouldn't really stay away so long. " -- Zebra Mann (on 03/05/10 21:42:42)



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