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Zebra Mann
When I Lose Collaboration 04:56/128k
The last bit of requested spoken word from JSG to ZM, and it was a long time coming. More proof that JSG is a timeless presence among us mortals. Credits: spoken word by Jeremy Gluck, various sound FX from my private stash of found sound. Genre: Abstract Ambient. Created: 14 Apr 2014 11:39 PM. Plays: 4 -->please comment (1).

Universal Sound System 08:21/320k
Credits: Loops By Arthur Loves Plastic And Omnitechnomatrix. Genre: Groove. Created: 24 Mar 2014 08:27 PM. Plays: 19 -->please comment (1).

Michael A Cosma
Tank Inside Train Space 06:54/256k
After checking out The Collapse of Civilization I was inspired to revisit Project-51 and rather than adding my own material I used some Hal McGee collaboration audio material that I found I had in a zip file on my pc. Once inside the planet I tightened everything to the core, re-aligned the 12 jumper segments and added a new code to the security console. Credits: Project-51, Dave Fuglewicz, Hal McGee. Genre: Noise. Created: 21 Mar 2014 10:31 PM. Plays: 17 -->please comment (2).

Hal McGee
The Collapse Of Industrial Civilization 08:59/320k
On "The Collapse Of Industrial Civilization" I collaborated with Dave Fuglewicz (Weird Sound Machine VST) by improvising along with his sounds employing Korg Monotron Duo, Monotron, and Monotron Delay analog synthesizers connected together. Straight-up raw synthesizer. Credits: Project-51. Genre: Noise. Created: 20 Mar 2014 02:40 PM. Plays: 23 -->please comment (1).

Zebra Mann
Earth Ocean Collaboration 03:59/128k
I occasionally get the urge to make a soundscape with JSG's words, and when I do, I ask him kindly for something special. He is always gracious enough to provide me with something to work with. This one was a challenge, but you decide for yourself if I got it right. Credits: spoken word poem by Jeremy Samuel Gluck, and a loop from my collection of found sounds. . Genre: Abstract Ambient. Created: 19 Mar 2014 02:24 PM. Plays: 12 -->please comment (4).

Zebra Mann
Rogue Planet: The Wanderer 11:08/128k
The universe is a dangerous place, especially outside the ordered confines of a solar system. For a rogue or interstellar planet, the dangers are multiplied by a hundred thousand. It's a cold universe, and when no place is home, it's best to just keep moving. Credits: Loops by Axel Mundi - Guest artist, OmniTechnoMatrix, and audio recorded froma video by Janet Wilcox. Genre: Abstract Ambient. Created: 18 Mar 2014 12:31 AM. Plays: 13 -->please comment (0).

Zebra Mann
Kiss of Death 08:34/128k
A song inspired by a famous sculpture in Barcelona Spain. The sculpture is in the Poblenou cemetery, above the grave of Josep Llaudet Soler and the inscription reads: "His young heart is thus extinguished. The blood in his veins grows cold. And all strength has gone. Faith has been extolled by his fall into the arms of death. Credits: Loops from Ed Drury - Guest Artist, CYSTEM, and Cousin Silas, also a loop from my private found sound collection. Genre: Abstract Ambient. Created: 04 Mar 2014 01:27 PM. Plays: 24 -->please comment (2).

Tripod Sardine
The Angel is the Devil 02:27/192k
Words spoken by Jeremy Gluck, plus location recordings by me (children in a dentist waiting room) Credits: Project-50; Tripod Sardine. Genre: A Fine How Do U Do. Created: 13 Feb 2014 02:29 PM. Plays: 29 -->please comment (3).

Zebra Mann
The Great Red Spot on Jupiter 03:54/128k
Our scientists have decided that the Great Red Spot on Jupiter is a storm of some sort. The truth is far stranger. It is a sentient life form, and it is getting annoyed by all the probes we keep sending out that way. This is its first none-to-polite message to Earth. Credits: Dave Fuglewicz Project-51. Genre: Alien Audio. Created: 26 Jan 2014 01:46 PM. Plays: 41 -->please comment (2).

Brava Centauri
Attenuation 03:55/253k
Credits: Brava Centauri, Project-51 (source files 033, & 030). Genre: Instrumental. Created: 26 Jan 2014 01:04 AM. Plays: 47 -->please comment (2).

Michael A Cosma
Plugging Into Space Forest 10:05/192k
You no longer sit before the viewbox. As your eyes close reaching out touching the purple mossy texture of the trees. Welcome your mind to Space Forest. Please remain seated. Credits: Michael A. Cosma, Project-51. Genre: Interdimensional. Created: 24 Jan 2014 10:31 PM. Plays: 47 -->please comment (3).

Burning The Hard City 04:32/192k
Alchemy synth and Guitar riffs from Musicradar with a heady dose of my lead guitar! Credits: SoLaRiS. Genre: Rock & a Hard Place. Created: 24 Jan 2014 03:22 PM. Plays: 39 -->please comment (1).

David Fuglewicz
Slappey Street 04:55/192k
Come on down to Slappey Street my fellows germs and humanoids, there is sure to be some native sounds percolating from the pavement. This was made using only the source files from Project-51, Weird Noise Project. Credits: Project-51. Genre: Interdimensional. Created: 19 Jan 2014 09:56 PM. Plays: 44 -->please comment (3).

Slave Labour
Ego Sum Machinam (Inclusive Mix w/ Mr. Candlewicks 03:57/320k
Credits: Am_I_Your_Machine.mp3 Jeremy Gluck, "Trippy Drone" David Fuglewicz. Genre: Electronic. Created: 17 Jan 2014 12:45 PM. Plays: 29 -->please comment (1).

Slave Labour
Ego Sum Machinam (WIP version) 03:56/320k
Credits: myself, Jeremy Gluck (germination) - Am_I_your_machine.wav (can't remember what pack it's from). Genre: Electronic. Created: 08 Jan 2014 06:54 PM. Plays: 42 -->please comment (1).

Zebra Mann
Blood Red Moon of Neptune at Midnight 10:07/128k
I have listened to Dave's Moons of Neptune about a hundred times, loving it so much, and then I decided to blaspheme his work by forcing it to co-habitate with some of my horrid noise. I also added one of my favorite Blind Mime guitar loops and some other noise of my own. Credits: several bits of David Fuglewicz's Moons of Neptune, a Blind Mime guitar loop, some keyboard banging of my own, and a personal reading of my own bad poetry. Genre: Abstract Ambient. Created: 30 Dec 2013 09:29 PM. Plays: 53 -->please comment (2).

Straight 06:57/320k
Credits: Loops By Project- 43 And Omnitechnomatrix - Merry Chirstmas -. Genre: Electronica. Created: 25 Dec 2013 04:40 PM. Plays: 47 -->please comment (1).

Michael A Cosma
Viper Strings Masterpiece 08:53/192k
Recorded two guitar tracks then downloaded several pieces from TapeGerm. Put it all together in Audacity adding effects here and there. Had old Pink Floyd in mind while recording the guitar parts. We emanate from elsewhere. Credits: Michael A. Cosma, Blind Mime, Dave Fuglewicz, Loopy Spiderz. Genre: Avant Garde. Created: 19 Dec 2013 11:54 PM. Plays: 57 -->please comment (2).

Zebra Mann
Battle Survivor 06:06/128k
A song created for the people I know who have battled cancer, who are battling cancer, and refuse to give up or let the 'monster' win. Keep fighting the good fight, for so much depends on you. Credits: several loops from Blind Mime's Project-48, one loop from my bass guitar dabblings. . Genre: Experimental. Created: 08 Dec 2013 01:09 PM. Plays: 62 -->please comment (1).

Zebra Mann
Overdrawn at the Memory Bank 08:33/128k
One of my previous mixes with the vocals by JSG removed, and then altered even more, combined with one of my favorite Blind Mime loops (and that is a long list), and some crazy loops from my private found sound collection. I chose the title for its play on words, but it has nothing to do with the 1985 movie of the same name. Credits: one Blind Mime loop, a previous mix of my own with the vocals removed and some found sounds from my private collection . Genre: Abstract Ambient. Created: 07 Dec 2013 11:00 PM. Plays: 69 -->please comment (1).

Race With The Devil 04:06/256k
Credits: Project - 37. Genre: Electronica. Created: 06 Dec 2013 03:33 PM. Plays: 68 -->please comment (1).

Zebra Mann
Ghosts of Decaying Swamp 07:59/128k
Decaying Machine asked for a collaboration using some of his works, and I obliged. Hopefully this spooky bit of sound will meet with his expectations, because I had a lot of fun putting it together. Credits: several loops by Decaying Machine, a vocal track from Buzzsaw & The Shavings, and some loops from my found sound folder. Genre: Abstract Ambient. Created: 30 Nov 2013 09:48 PM. Plays: 62 -->please comment (1).

athame 09:04/192k
Credits: Blind Mime, Grunt, Hal McGee, International Garbageman, Michael A Cosma. Genre: Folk Experimental. Created: 29 Nov 2013 10:12 AM. Plays: 58 -->please comment (2).

David Fuglewicz
Truth 01:07/192k
A song for truth. I added sounds from Weird Sound Machine VST to Jeremy Gluck's haunting vocals. Project-50. Credits: Project-50, David Fuglewicz. Genre: Interdimensional. Created: 25 Nov 2013 09:21 PM. Plays: 63 -->please comment (3).

Zebra Mann
The Traveler & the Station Master 08:27/128k
A once-in-a-lifetime meeting, on a desolated platform late at night, and only the listener knows where the geographical location might be. This is one to let your imagination come out and play. Enjoy. Best listened to with your eyes closed. Credits: one loop by Blind Mime, one loop of a friend doodling on bass guitar, several bits of sound from my loop folder, including found sounds. . Genre: Alien Audio. Created: 19 Nov 2013 02:17 PM. Plays: 68 -->please comment (1).

Tapegerm (May 1, 2000 - Apr 18, 2014) is a space for free artistic exchange in creative sound recording. Artists initiate projects and freely make sources available in collaboration with other artists. Participation is free. Tapegerm is an open idea whose rules are made to be reinterpreted. Visit the "About" page for details and Contact Us with questions.



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Mime Effects
Effects rack. One of them. -- bf baker

Artist Notes

06 Feb 2014 05:21 PM

Multiple Artist Collection Of Space Age Collaborations

by C. Goff III

Taped Rugs offers its latest dose of collaborative efforts, out takes,soundtracks, and rarities. This one tastes good to those who love synthesizers, science fiction, and studio mixes. Features Dave Fuglewicz, Big City Orchestra, Darlington Pair, Michael LaGrega, Total E.T., Justynn Tyme, Brava Centauri, C. Goff III. Light the fire and escape the wintry cold -- click the pic below and celebrate the Caricature Masquerade.

-->please comment (0)

13 Jan 2014 01:04 PM

Bass And Space

by C. Goff III

Imagine a smoothy blended from acoustic bass, electronic bass, mooger fooger, analog synthesizers, digital synthesizers, vocoder, and electronic guitar. It's Basement Of Extra Power, ready to fry the fuses of your synapses. This aint no New Age; it's Topological Trance. Featured artists Allan McGinty, Michael LaGrega, and C. Goff III improv into lush zones where a compass doesn't work. Click the pic below to go.

-->please comment (1)

"Thanks C3, I need to check this out soon."-- David Fuglewicz (on 01/18/14 20:16:18)

31 Dec 2013 03:13 PM


by Slave Labour

First time back in quite awhile! I'll be loading more tracks in the coming weeks.

-->please comment (2)

"Welcome back!"-- The Tapegerm Collective (on 01/04/14 19:16:04)

"Hallelujah, looking forward to it."-- David Fuglewicz (on 01/06/14 19:24:06)

27 Dec 2013 04:00 PM

Old Datawhore Remix Archives Sought

by Jeremy Gluck

Hello Friends! Back in the Datawhore day many of you remixed tracks such as ROLL FOR YOU and WHEN I DIE. If any of you still have the original remix archives of those and others please let me know here. :) I appreciate your help! JSG/Datawhore

-->please comment (0)

07 Sep 2013 12:36 PM

Neo Classical Electronics VS Current International Conflict...

by C. Goff III

...an artist takes on contemporary tragedies and his frustration over the genetic flaws of the human brain ... click the pic for a meditational contemplational...

-->please comment (0)

02 Sep 2013 08:23 AM

Forthcoming Releases Feature TG Remixes(224)

by Jeremy Gluck

Lest you forget me, a modest update is called for. In the near future, mixes originating @ TG and for some years available as Recollage 1 & 2 will be re-released by Myhandthanx, a splendid French netlabel. In addition, there will be an EP on UK netlabel Noise Research - "Noise In The Head" - that includes TG remixes, too. More news on both as and when and why not?

-->please comment (1)

"Forgetting you would only be possible after one hundred years, say around 2112. Even when I am not mixing/listening to TG collaborations, I hear your voice in my head. That should worry me, but somehow, it gives me comfort. "-- Zebra Mann (on 10/21/13 21:36:31)

21 Aug 2013 11:13 AM

Previously Unreleased WEIRD 1988 Disism Now Available On Cassette

by C. Goff III

For The Bravest Sonic Adventurers...

Previously Unreleased WEIRD 1988 Disism
Now Available On Cassette

Frippertronics, Plunderphonics, Homemade Instruments, Mouth Noises, Electro-Acoustic, Non Genre, Avant Garde

Dadaist Artwork by Justin Jackley

This one stretches the mind and ears like nothing else. Hear it, read about it, get it.

Click the pic and go...

-->please comment (2)

"Calling all fans of Fripertronics, step right up and have a listen. My reference to the style of looping sounds within a performance context as popularized by Robert Fripp is in no way an indication of imitation. This technique has been one of the oldest tape manipulation techniques around. That being said, Disism serves a superb platter of sonic Boney Baloney, all the more delicious by having been aged in the Goff Disism baloney cellars since 1988. I highly recommend this to all Tapegerm citizens. Well done indeed."-- David Fuglewicz (on 09/08/13 08:04:46)

"And the artwork by Justin Jackley deserves a special mention here. Fantastic. Check the larger picture (via the link), the small version here does not do it justice. "-- David Fuglewicz (on 09/08/13 08:10:31)

29 Jul 2013 09:40 AM

Sounds For Smoother Louver Lovers

by C. Goff III

Greetings Tapegerman Comrades!

Need to file down some of those rough edges in your life? I invite you to try FILES FOR SMOOTHER LOUVER LOVERS: a refreshing blend of synthetic atmosphere with a splash of electronic wash. Not cost, no spam, no crap. Click The Pic And Go, Right here:

Keep up the good work one and all! CIII

-->please comment (1)

"Fantastic, superb..outta sight."-- David Fuglewicz (on 08/07/13 20:03:11)

13 Jun 2013 03:59 AM

How to upload source files at tapegerm.com

by The Tapegerm Collective

-->please comment (0)

07 Apr 2013 11:34 AM

Eclectic, Electronic, Experimental -- Turkey Makes Me Sleepy Wakes Up After 6 Years Of Slumber

by C. Goff III

Click The Pic Below To Get The Bird Food, Exactly As You Expect It To Be Served.

-->please comment (2)

"Turkey used to make me sleepy but now, since I have discovered the joys of the Goff Musical Universe, Turkey makes my ears smile from ear to ear. I am downloading these delectable morsels of audio delight for near future ingestion. "-- David Fuglewicz (on 04/07/13 18:24:53)

"Mr. David F: Your devotion to Rug shaking is potentially unmatched in this galaxy. I wish you pleasant ears and the grandest cheers for all of your own projects, which bear the proud mark of DF, the mark of fine art!"-- C. Goff III (on 04/08/13 12:46:01)

26 Mar 2013 04:48 PM

Experiments With Electronic Ukulele Hendrix Experiences

by C. Goff III

This One's Definitely Not For Your Common Blues Fan. Perhaps one definition of electro-acoustic? Or maybe a brief treatise on how to explore the boundaries of sonic possibility? Click the pic, Brave Travelers, and find your own answer...

And keep those germs coming, Comrades!

-->please comment (1)

"Charles, I admire your courage, and I am going to head to the Hendixified page you describe and gather myself a vast and weighty ear load of your music. Thanks."-- David Fuglewicz (on 03/29/13 20:20:03)

28 Feb 2013 05:38 PM


by Suckling Infants Network

Hello Tapegerm Artist new and old, glad to be back..looking forward to working together!

Brother Mike
Suckling Infants Network

-->please comment (0)

18 Feb 2013 12:39 PM

Hangout in the studio with Tapegerm co-founder Bryan Baker(293)

by Blind Mime Ensemble

Join me this Monday 18 February @ 9pm EST for a Google+ hangout. I'll be in the studio creating something new and you can watch or even join in if you want. Send me some sounds to use or if you're in your studio making something, I'll be happy to make something on the spot for you.

If you can't make it Monday, join me on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday as well. 9pm EST.

Circle me HERE

-->please comment (2)

"Just go to google+ and search for tapegerm in hangouts. It's easy to find. "-- Blind Mime Ensemble (on 02/18/13 19:55:36)

"Well, that was not bad. A few people stumbled in while I was recording this evening. Got to chat with someone in Brasil... Another person from the middle east popped in. Not bad. I think I even finished a track. I'll let it simmer a while though. Used one of Hal McGee's microcassette recordings and a loop from Chris Phinney and then played improvised piano and synth for a couple passers by. The google+ audio sounds like crap though. I need to figure out something there. Maybe I'll try mic'ing the performance with a condenser tomorrow. Need a battery. Stop by if you have a chance."-- Blind Mime Ensemble (on 02/18/13 21:17:14)

15 Jan 2013 12:19 PM

New Lo Finest Show: A Touch Of 21st Century Cassette Culture

by C. Goff III

Just Posted, featuring...

Fiver's Stereo, Freaks With People Behind Them, Activity Universal, Hal McGee, Luxurious Dagger, M. Ferguson, Otolathe, Aaron Zarzutzki/Joshua Manchester,Tea Man With Tea Gum, Michael J. Bowman, Kei Yokota, Flutwacht, Nova-Sak, Rat Face, More...

Dare to dig in...Click The Pic Below And Go

-->please comment (0)

17 Dec 2012 08:48 AM

Discover Sounds No. 1

by Blind Mime Ensemble

Here's the first installment of a new video show I'm doing for UtahLocal.tv. We'll see how it goes. I'm definitely fumbling with the ropes, but I'm nothing if not curious.

If you'd like to help me kill the cat, I encourage you to post a response video on youtube where you use one of the sounds I talk about in this week's show. The toy xylophone and toy sax and both available as source files in the Free Loop Pack 16 project listed in the left sidebar.


-->please comment (2)

"Nice, good explanation. Bryan, you have a definite, unique guitar style. Not an easy thing to achieve with a zillion guitar players out there."-- David Fuglewicz (on 12/18/12 18:39:27)

"Thank you, kind papa Dave!"-- Blind Mime Ensemble (on 12/22/12 11:08:51)

15 Dec 2012 09:36 AM

Which Way To The Upcoming Apocalypse?

by C. Goff III

Acren Wacren Waney Vo?

The music supplies the mystery.
The author's notes supply the revelation.
Click the pic to receive the experience.

(WARNING: This post contains melodies, choral harmonies, and ideas which could cause damage to a listener's equilibrium.)

-->please comment (1)

"Thanks for the link and the music Charles. I have been looking forward to this since you started mentioning it in private emails. And I hope that ear problem clears up very soon."-- David Fuglewicz (on 12/15/12 10:33:47)

22 Oct 2012 10:49 AM

Disism = Casio/(Moog + Korg) x Non Genre = CASIOTOPIA

by C. Goff III

Yes, the final release from the new DISISM trilogy. This is the electronic one, but once again, it's not what you think.

Take a puff if you dare, click the pic...

And for you lovers of scrapes, bangs, shakes, rattles, and rolls, the second new Disism album is under this pictorial curtain:

-->please comment (1)

"I'm downloading now Charles. Thanks lots."-- David Fuglewicz (on 10/22/12 19:11:45)

21 Oct 2012 07:58 PM

Alternate Streaming Page

by Michael A Cosma

I have lost the ability to stream on my linux pc with the new changes to the html5. Due to this development I have created an alternate streaming site of my best Tapegerm material. Please visit this link if you are unable to stream my material and would like to.
Mudball Tapegerm Stream

-->please comment (0)

18 Oct 2012 09:55 AM

HTML5 Audio Added

by The Tapegerm Collective

We've programmed HTML5 Audio into your song pages, so you can access the audio from most devices now. This audio is not currently supported in the system Tapegerm uses to count plays. Let us know if you see any bugginess in the output.

As it is, we will probably eventually move everything toward HTML5 and figure out a different way to track trending songs. We're not concerned much with charts and rankings, obviously, but it's useful to know what is being explored by our strange group of artists at any given time.

-->please comment (3)

"I've started building a HTML5 playlist onto your profile home page, so you'll notice some odd things going on there for a few days."-- Blind Mime Ensemble (on 10/19/12 09:14:30)

"I have Firefox and Chromium in Linux. Firefox does not even show the player. Chromium shows it yet it will not play. However, I agree with the progression toward html5. Therefore, I have created my own alternate site for any outdated browsers or os that would still like to stream. "-- Michael A Cosma (on 10/21/12 21:28:07)

"As of October Firefox is developing native mp3 support for their browser. In the meantime, we will be adding a fall-option to Flash for those browsers that don't support mp3 natively."-- Blind Mime Ensemble (on 10/22/12 04:16:58)

09 Oct 2012 03:50 AM

new collab material by Hal McGee uploaded(404)

by Hal McGee Sources

Hello Germs! I just uploaded 10 short one-shots to Project-37 Free Loop Pack 16. These are the first loops that I have uploaded to the Tapegerm site in several years. On October 5, 2012 I recorded a 20 minute free form improvisation for four Korg Monotron analog synthesizers - two Monotrons, one Monotron Duo, one Monotron Delay. I then chopped it up into 245 one-shots. I have uploaded these 10 for your mixing and remixing pleasure. If you like these, I can create a separate Tapegerm project and upload all 245 one-shots and the entire 20 minute track for you to use. The 20 minute track is available in WAV file format at my Soundcloud page right now.

-->please comment (3)

"Hal, I'm working on a piece right now and these definitely will appear. Thanks."-- David Fuglewicz (on 10/09/12 20:37:52)

"nice, Dave! thanks!"-- Hal McGee (on 10/10/12 09:18:08)

"Nice, Hal. Although small by past Free Loop Pack standards, this project has some interesting source material that should combine in a number of satisfying ways. Like these monotrons, Fuglewicz's large bounty of sounds and Mills, Mann and my own small contributions. I've already got some things brewing. There's an album's worth of inspiration here already, I believe. Hopefully others will join in too."-- Blind Mime Ensemble (on 10/11/12 19:58:00)


Tapegerm is currently seeking funding to continue operating as a free experimental collaboration community into our 13th year. Our goal of $1400 pays for a dedicated server for one year. We currently need $490 more to get there, so please help -- thank you!

0  65% of goal

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project by David Fuglewicz, End Date: 06-29-2014

51 Weird Noise Project

I recorded thirteen source files using the Weird Sound Machine VST only. Use one file or use them all, it's up to you. The Project has a six month... more (10).
project by Blind Mime Ensemble, End Date: 09-02-2014

53 Field Recordings

This is an open project for all to add random field recordings of places around wherever you might be at a given moment. Please feel free to... more (1).

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Recent Comments

Zebra Mann
When I Lose Collaboration

"To my mind and ears simply outstanding minimalist, intuitive work here from Z. Captures the spirit of my poem perfectly. I love it." -- Jeremy Gluck (on 04/17/14 14:01:55)

Universal Sound System

"I am digging this immensely. Superb use of the loops, and your style and sound is omnipresent. Well done." -- David Fuglewicz (on 03/26/14 18:43:56)

C. Goff III
Descanter Of Tao

"Nice!" -- Hal McGee (on 03/22/14 14:22:58)

Michael A Cosma
Viper Strings Masterpiece

"Well now, THAT was odd. Took me places." -- Hal McGee (on 03/22/14 14:13:37)

Zebra Mann
The Great Red Spot on Jupiter

"Sufficiently awesome!" -- Hal McGee (on 03/22/14 14:01:07)


"Wow, I totally did not know that Seiei Jack is on Tapegerm! Jack is an old friend from the 19802 cassette hometaper scene. Like me, he has been making homemade sounds since 1982. We did a collaboration tape last year titled "since 1982"." -- Hal McGee (on 03/22/14 13:53:47)

Tripod Sardine
The Angel is the Devil

"Thanks for the creepy sounds." -- Hal McGee (on 03/22/14 13:38:34)


"Good n creepy!" -- Hal McGee (on 03/22/14 09:54:10)

Buzzsaw & The Shavings
Flagrantly Feeding Fallaciously Famished Footwear

"Hello Buzz! I enjoyed listening to this track." -- Hal McGee (on 03/22/14 08:32:01)

Plato and the Western Tradition
PLATO No. 2651 The Insidious Particularity of Inse

"Boyd, thank you for posting this track. I enjoyed it!" -- Hal McGee (on 03/22/14 08:22:41)

Michael A Cosma
Plugging Into Space Forest

"Oh yeah! I am plugged into the forest, and being plugged has rarely sounded so good." -- Hal McGee (on 03/22/14 07:59:52)

David Fuglewicz
Slappey Street

"Well, I don't know what the heck a "slappey" street is, but this sounds good!" -- Hal McGee (on 03/22/14 07:55:26)

Brava Centauri

"Nicely-done, Roberto!" -- Hal McGee (on 03/22/14 07:50:02)

Zebra Mann
Earth Ocean Collaboration

"Nice work, Zebra Mann." -- Hal McGee (on 03/22/14 07:19:43)

Howlin' Northern Winds

"Christof, thank you for using my Monotron source material on this track. I am listening now and I like it very much. It has a rich, deep sound, very creepy and evocative." -- Hal McGee (on 03/22/14 07:15:08)

Michael A Cosma
Tank Inside Train Space

"Wow! Sounds great, Mike! Thanks for using my source material and for taking me along on another TRIP into the Fuglewiczsphere. By the way, I just joined the Tapegerm community at Google Plus. So far Brian and I are the only ones there." -- Hal McGee (on 03/22/14 06:49:28)

Michael A Cosma
Tank Inside Train Space

"Mike, this is an incredible trip! Well done." -- David Fuglewicz (on 03/22/14 04:02:51)

Zebra Mann
Earth Ocean Collaboration

"Perfect construction for my poem. Simple, stark, but warm and intuitive. On his game. " -- Jeremy Gluck (on 03/21/14 04:20:51)

Hal McGee
The Collapse Of Industrial Civilization

"This is a fantastic tour de mcgee, taking the source files playing live along with improvising and tearing the skull cap off yer face. The Tapegerm minions demand more! It has been too long." -- David Fuglewicz (on 03/20/14 18:31:11)

Zebra Mann
Earth Ocean Collaboration

"Wonderfully restrained music-scape to this gentle love poem." -- Axel Mundi (on 03/19/14 21:34:22)


1- Omnitechnomatrix
Universal Sound System
--> 4

2- Zebra Mann
When I Lose Collaboration
--> 4

3- Zebra Mann
Overdrawn at the Memory Bank
--> 4

4- Zebra Mann
Blood Red Moon of Neptune at Midnight
--> 4

5- Zebra Mann
Rogue Planet: The Wanderer
--> 3

6- Zebra Mann
Battle Survivor
--> 3

7- Brava Centauri
--> 3

8- Tripod Sardine
The Angel is the Devil
--> 2

9- Zebra Mann
Kiss of Death
--> 2

10- Michael A Cosma
Vintage Sunburst K
--> 2

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Welcome To Tapegerm

P-A Hognert
I enjoy recording stuff and messing around with filters and effects. I don't know if any of my creations are any good, but I have fun making them. I've been making music with the computer since 98 or so. Being burnt out on conventional music; I'm now interested in more experimental stuff. Website: http://ufoodd.bandcamp.com

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DJ Hex
Just a solo artist trying to re-work my old stuff with newer idea's. Website:

Darlington Pair
I am Wavley M Groves III an Advanced Receiver Development Technical Specialist at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, indie rock musician, experimental artist, and recording engineer. I have been recording lofi, drone, loop based, and electronic experimental music for 20 years and for the last 12 also concentrating on expanding my horizons both experimentally and as a Space Rock musician. I have also been building a studio and concentrating on recording in a more HiFi format (but... Website: http://eccohollow.bandcamp.com

Passion is music... Love everything from ambient and experimental to classical and the blues Website:

The Latest Recommended Links

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Noisy Bandcamp is a large, handpicked directory of abstract, experimental and noise music available for download at artist or label-run bandcamp pages.

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Flexibeatz II

Flexibeatz II is a step sequencer sonic manipulator for any sound. Also on the website are several other programs for manipulating and creating sounds. Great stuff for exploring further reaches.

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tonehack is a sound creation tool web application by murat ayfer. Murat decided to make tonehack to prove to himself what he had learned could indeed be used to create all sounds from scratch. He...

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Handmade hydrophones and contact mics by JrF

You can purchase these hydrophones and contact mics directly from JrF in Great Britain at reasonable prices. Lots of sound samples throughout the website, Along with an album of material on...

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Guitar Tunings Database

The Guitar Tunings DB has over 100 online guitar tuners. All guitar alternate tuners have their own page. Each guitar tuner page links to Chord and Scale charts and respective song lists which use...

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PAiA DIY music electronics

PAiA has been in business since the early 1970's producing high quality music electronics, from bare-bones kits to completely assembled products. My first synthesizer hardware was from them, wayyy...

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Open Music Labs

The goal of Open Music Labs is to create a central web location where people who are interested in using analog and digital audio equipment can go to find ideas, histories, parts, and like-minded...

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B. Serrano's free VST's

B. Serrano has authored some amazing VST's that are available for free. I have used/am using six of the VST's for the last month or so and I wholeheartedly recommend them. They are very versatile...

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AudioCookbook.org is a non-profit resource for music and sound enthusiasts made possible by contributions from Unearthed Music. The content has a slant toward the avant-garde or experimental side...

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Sonic Circuits Festival of Electronic Music

Sonic Circuits is a Washington DC area promoter for experimental music. Sonic Circuits seeks to expose audiences to cutting edge contemporary music that defies genres, and offer artists new...