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Collaborate by creating compositions using sources from the projects below or create your own project if you wish.

Project-10: Wacky Bits

Project-8: Gated Dreams

Project-7: Moon Zero Four

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The Case Of The Cut Down Cut Up The Case Of The Cut Down Cut Up by CIIIGoff: A mystery full of intrigue and dangerous encounters. This is a psycho-autobiographical fictional non-profit production which is not intended for commercial retail. No rights are reserved. . Credits: Audio Loops By Sample Science from Moon Zero Four Tapegerm Project-7, Various Television Media, Lo Fidelity 1987 Disism Recording, Car Door From Mike Metlay's 1996 Toyota Avalon, Sound Effects, Editing, Production. .
Fleshy Fuliform Vilok Fleshy Fuliform Vilok by CIIIGoff: An attempt to emulate some of the moods and atmospheres of this brilliant production by Rene Laloux (director) and Alain Goraguer (soundtrack). None of the original movie soundtrack was sampled for this interpretation.. Credits: Nine Audio Loops By Jack Hertz for Fantastic Planetscapes Project-9 (all modified by C. Goff III), Natural Reader Voice Emulator, Janus Professional Sound Library, Carmelita Goff (vocal), Cows Of Deanna Rose Farmstead (vocal), Passing Automobile (8/15/2013). C. Goff III Plays: Korg R3 Vocoder/Synthesizer (used for intro/outro only), Witch Hazel Woodwinds, Octavia, Sound Effects, Editing, Production .
Moliki Moliki by anixas: Recorded from phone to pc using Audacity and a synth app on the phone. Then added 4 of the Wacky Bits adding effects and modding those bits as I went along. All recording and mixing done using Audacity. . Credits: Tapegerm Project-10, Anixas.
Captain Hamilton Captain Hamilton by anixas: Downloaded public domain movie Cosmos War of the Planets and Public domain movie Plan 9 From Outer Space on to my netbook. Then I came out of the headphone jack and into my main pc. I would find parts of the movie that I liked and record them using Audacity and saving small sound files. Most of the parts were left as-is except for adjusting the volume or balance. Two synth pieces and one guitar piece were recorded live and they appear in the center of the project. All of the pieces were then arranged inside of Audacity and some fades were applied. . Credits: Anixas, Plan 9 From Outer Space(public domain), TapeGerm Project-6.
Moon Zero Four Moon Zero Four by SampleScience: This track was made using sounds from public domain films and documentaries of the fifties. I've treated the sounds with many effects to give it them this dark and lush tone. The percussions are from public domain films too, they sound lofi and are purposely out of sync. I think old sounds from other eras are a good source of inspiration and give the tone of my track a special eerie tone.. Credits: SampleScience, project-6.
GreigeTravail rmx GreigeTravail rmx by tapegermGIO: I used all of the resources to create this remix. Made with Max/Msp and a few filters and resonators.. Credits: Recordings for Project-3.
Triad Dreamz Triad Dreamz by Corypheus: . Credits: Loops By Baneemy (project-1) And Corypheus.
Sophistikation - Magnetica RX Sophistikation - Magnetica RX by Corypheus: A Remix Of The Tune "Sophistikation" By Omnitechnomatrix.... Credits: Loops By Decaying Machine Guest Artist And OTM -: Mix By Corypheus.
When I Lose When I Lose by JSG58: One of many poems swilling around my hard drive that I plucked from obscurity and rotated to Da Mann for his best-yet work with my words and voice. . Credits: Jeremy Gluck: Words and Voice Zeebra Mann: Everything Else.
Lullaby for Little Monsters Lullaby for Little Monsters by bedawang: . Credits: Created with the kids toy instruments of tapegerm project-2. A deep experiment with Izotope's Iris.

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New Album: Tapegerm Creations Plus Spookie Sonics

New Album: Tapegerm Creations Plus Spookie Sonics

Tapegerm-Based Creations And Other Spookie Sonics.  Trick, Treat, Direful Drones.   Goff III Manipulates Jack Hertz And More. There's a sonic criminal ready to steal your sanity at this site.  Travel at your own risk. Click The Spinning Tire Below To Roll...


New Basement Of Extra Power Album Just Posted Online

New Basement Of Extra Power Album Just Posted Online

It's a trio (Goff, LaGrega, McGinty)  It's Space, Jazz, Music Concrete, Loops…

Click the link below to listen if curious…

We will be playing our first ever public performance at the KCEM Festival, 8 PM Central Daylight Time, Friday, July 18th (1:00 AM Coordinated Universal Time, Saturday, July 19th).    This performance is likely to be broadcast live here: 
Electro Music Radio

Heartening it is to find Tapegerm resurrected. As for me, I am preparing material for an album with Zeebra Mann. Out of 'germ orbit I am releasing an album in the autumn made with Robert Coyne (son of Kevin, for Anglophiles...), completing work on Exedra material, and resuming with Don Tyler on SoftWorld.  



This looks like a cool instrument for Live. Pulsor is a Max for Live virtual instrument. It is essentially a monophonic synth that produces glitching/pulsing sounds and complex rhythmic soundscapes thanks to its odd circuitry. It can also create evolving lead synth sounds, monophonic bass timbres and many other unexpected noises.

Pulsor, the Strange Synth: a Max for Live Instrument

Visit Amazing Noises for more information.

Welcome to Tapegerm

Welcome to Tapegerm

Tapegerm is a place for recording artists to share sounds and create new sonic worlds. It is a close-knit community and we welcome evolving ideas, exploring new ways to collaborate. Tapegerm was formed in May 2000 and after fourteen years of online collaboration, resulting in over 100 albums of music we decided to start fresh July 4, 2014. It was time for a revolution.

To join us simply create a profile and start downloading source files. Then create a new recording using one or more sources from one or more projects and upload it. Sources on are royalty free, Creative Commons Attribution-licensed -- please credit the source artists when uploading recordings to

You're also welcome to initiate projects of your own. Source audio may be hosted here in your File Uploads area, or elsewhere online if you wish -- just tell us where.

Visit the forum to discuss topics of interest, upload pictures and art to your gallery, share youtube videos, comment often about what artists are creating here and make some noise.

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Fabio_Keiner Introspectral Joe_DeVita skuter odder Jack Hertz SampleScience tapegermGIO decaying machine

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World Junk World Junk World Junk World Junk World Junk Album Covers Not Yoda's Business


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On 10/04/14 05:33:33PM Regarding The Case Of The Cut Down Cut Up, @CIIIGoff said: THANKS DAVE! Great to hear from you, and I very much appreciate your positive reinforcement.

On 10/04/14 04:22:58PM Regarding The Case Of The Cut Down Cut Up, @Dave Fuglewicz said: This is a superb track you have done C3, fantastic.

On 10/04/14 03:47:46PM Regarding The Case Of The Cut Down Cut Up, @CIIIGoff said: Wow, that is very high praise coming from a master of sound manipulation like yourself, Bryan, thanks for the positive reinforcement. Oh, and since I have not said this publicly yet, THANKS FOR KEEPING TAPEGERM ALIVE!

On 10/04/14 03:25:21PM Regarding The Case Of The Cut Down Cut Up, @Bryan Baker said: This is the coolest thing I've heard in a long time. Ha Ha, you chestbeater you!

On 10/02/14 11:05:28PM Regarding SK1 RMX, @Fabio_Keiner said: ah, tante grazie! I'll have a listening and a meditation about :)) ... and I'll try to work & play & abuse as much as possible your sources! :)

On 10/01/14 03:56:09PM Regarding The Case Of The Cut Down Cut Up, @CIIIGoff said: Appreciate you venturing into this WILD mystery, JH. Thanks for the kind words!

On 10/01/14 12:10:20AM Regarding The Case Of The Cut Down Cut Up, @Jack Hertz said: "Man, this is the wildest..."

Great work!

On 09/18/14 03:47:14PM Regarding Fantasic Planetscapes, @CIIIGoff said: Glad I passed the audition, thanks Jack. I encourage more adventurers to join the expedition!

On 09/17/14 11:37:01PM Regarding Fantasic Planetscapes, @Jack Hertz said: I love the dialog bits. Its like a mini-movie.

On 09/17/14 11:33:31PM Regarding Fantasic Planetscapes, @Jack Hertz said: Cool! Nice job, CIIIGoff.

On 09/13/14 03:49:49PM Regarding Fantasic Planetscapes, @CIIIGoff said: THANKS for the fix! I'll do better next time.

On 09/13/14 11:45:38AM Regarding Fantasic Planetscapes, @home said: It just needs to go somewhere in the credits. You put it in the "Story." I've changed it.

On 09/10/14 03:12:59AM Regarding Fantasic Planetscapes, @CIIIGoff said: But even though I included: "Tapegerm Project-9" in my credits, my piece does not appear here. Can someone (Bryan?) tell me what I did wrong please? Thanks!

On 09/10/14 02:39:36AM Regarding Fantasic Planetscapes, @CIIIGoff said: Don't mind if I did!

On 08/22/14 01:30:34PM Regarding Captain Hamilton, @Bryan Baker said: I always enjoy the different ways you weave a lead guitar into your compositions, Michael. You have a wide range of character to your playing. Love the warped harmonies on this one.

On 07/21/14 07:01:09PM Regarding Triad Dreamz, @Bryan Baker said: Nice one Cory. I like how the preacher section breaks thing up here.

On 07/13/14 09:52:36PM Regarding Jeremy Gluck and Tapegerm Collective: I Carry In Me My Mother, @JSG58 said: Thanx Blind Mime. I am, I admit, proud of this particular piece.

On 07/13/14 09:51:35PM Regarding Jeremy Gluck and Tapegerm Collective: I Carry In Me My Mother, @Bryan Baker said: I've probably said this before, but it's worth repeating. Your work in this realm is quite striking. Rare beauty unfolding.

On 07/13/14 08:19:56PM Regarding World Junk, @JSG58 said: Cover of the album with Dave Fuglewicz

On 07/07/14 05:06:08AM Regarding Not Yoda's Business, @Bryan Baker said: The guitar work is great foil against the little repeating organ sounding figure throughout this track, Michael. it has a disjointed kind of swagger that is really quite awesome -- love it!

Recent YouTube Videos

Introspectral Workflow Video: 01 - Soundcrafting Introspectral Workflow Video: 01 - Soundcrafting by Introspectral: A short video in which I aim to show you how I may go about making a sound.
"Ginnungagab medicinske tåge" by odder: This is the tune "Medicinske tåge" composed and played by the Danish band Ginnungagab feat. Ki...
When I Die by Datawhore/dent & Oli Coles When I Die by Datawhore/dent & Oli Coles by JSG58: Track from album "Div Joyvision" by Datawhore and Michael Dent put to original laser video by Oli...
MY BLOOD IS IN MY BLOOD (CONTEMP REDUX) Dave Fuglewicz, Jeremy Gluck, Volpuginaex MY BLOOD IS IN MY BLOOD (CONTEMP REDUX) Dave Fuglewicz, Jeremy Gluck, Volpuginaex by JSG58: artists collaborate to create bloody good remix. Video: Love At First Bite.
The Point Is - Jeremy Gluck & michael dent The Point Is - Jeremy Gluck & michael dent by JSG58: A line taken from a routine Facebook thread catches my attention and becomes the basis for this b...
Roll for You (Michael Cosma Anixas Mix) - michael dent Michael Cosma Jeremy Gluck Roll for You (Michael Cosma Anixas Mix) - michael dent Michael Cosma Jeremy Gluck by JSG58: A remix from "Recollage One", one of two albums of remixes of work done by michael dent and Jerem...
When I Die (Ventilator Mix) - Jeremy Gluck michael dent Mental Anguish When I Die (Ventilator Mix) - Jeremy Gluck michael dent Mental Anguish by JSG58: A remix of the Jeremy Gluck-michael dent track "When I Die" Credits: Omnitechnomatrix Open Loops,...
The Lighthouse  -  Zebra Mann with Jeremy Gluck - Video by Scott Gently The Lighthouse - Zebra Mann with Jeremy Gluck - Video by Scott Gently by JSG58: Zebra Mann ( "The title of this one is a metaphor. Like all metaphors, the truly im...
Dave Fuglewicz - Manifesto (Fundamental Mix) Dave Fuglewicz - Manifesto (Fundamental Mix) by JSG58: Third of the "Manifesto" tracks from the Crelb Records digital 12" single project. The video is o...
Jeremy Gluck and Zeebra Mann - Mechanical Revolution (Saneworld Mix) Jeremy Gluck and Zeebra Mann - Mechanical Revolution (Saneworld Mix) by JSG58: Out of the Saneworld cycle comes this off-cut featuring our man in the Midwest, Zeebra Mann. -...